Program Eligibility Requirements


Those eligible to apply to the program must meet specific requirements, including completion of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Didactic Programs in Dietetics (DPD) academic requirements with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree. A Grade Point Average of 2.5 overall and 2.75 in general dietetics course work is preferred. Individuals with a GPA below this may apply if they can demonstrate professional achievement since graduation.

Beginning with the 2015-2016 PDI class, the PDI will provide Prior Assessed Learning (PAL) credit. More information may be obtained by reviewing the policies and documents within the Prior Assessed Learning link.

All candidates wanting to be included in our internship program the same year as their college graduation date must have completed all degree requirements, including, but not limited to, coursework and verification paperwork by May 31 of the year the program begins.

Interns must complete medical tests and immunizations as required by the affiliate sites.
Proof of physical examination indicating the intern is fit for the internship and free of transmissible disease is required. Final admission in the PDI is contingent upon passing these drug screens and background checks. Failure to pass any background check or urine drug screen may prohibit the interns from starting the PDI and result in dismissal from the PDI.

International students must have their academic degree validated as equivalent to the bachelor’s or master’s degree conferred by a US regionally-accredited college or university. The summary section of the evaluation report MUST state “From a regionally accredited institution.” For more information go to AND’s website located at for more information regarding international students.