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National Cancer Survivors Day® Social Media Toolkit
This toolkit can help you plan for the June 5 Cancer Survivor Day. Please see what activities you can do on June 5 to celebrate the lives of Cancer Survivors.

Note: These campaign materials are intended for use by Missouri residents only.

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List of campaign materials
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Picture of person getting ready to serve a tennis ball
Grab a Tennis Partner

Eat Smart

Picture of basketball going through hoop
Score 2 Points

Campaign Materials 

6 Ways to Prevent & Control Chronic Disease Brochures

Bulletin Inserts
(church bulletin inserts, check inserts, grocery bag inserts)

Calendar of Events
Use campaign materials to complement health events.


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Right click the word Logo and select the option "Save Target As" or "Save As".  Save the file to your hard drive.  Then you will be able to insert it into your document from there.

Downloading and Printing a Document

Some of the LLYLDOI materials are not available in the warehouse. Materials with a literature number may be ordered from the warehouse.

For optimum results in down`loading the literature:

  • click File and Print
  • select printer
  • click "shrink oversized paper"
  • click "print front on both sides of paper"

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Other Materials

Materials Publicizing Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Trainings for the Public
For Use by Master Trainers and Leaders