State, Regional & Local Resources

Message development worksheet 

Biological threats

      Anthrax fact sheet
      Botulism fact sheet
      Plague fact sheet
      Smallpox fact sheet
      Tularemia fact sheet
      Viral Hemorrhagic fevers (including Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever) fact sheet

Chemical threats

      Sarin fact sheet>
      Sulfur mustard fact sheet
      Phosgene fact sheet
      Cyanide fact sheet

Radiological/Nuclear threats

      Radiation emergency fact sheet
      Dirty bombs fact sheet
BT agent, immediate response news release template
BT agent, location identified template
BT agent, test results identify agent template
Inhalational anthrax, test results news release template
Smallpox, identified template
Smallpox, vaccine received template
Smallpox, vaccine sites opening template
Isolation and quarantine fact sheet
Shelter In Place fact sheet

*To access more detailed information and additional fact sheets, go to the DHSS web site.