List-Servs Related to Public Health Nursing

Missouri Public Health Nursing List-Serv (MO-PHN-L)
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, in partnership with Missouri Nurses Association and Central Missouri State University, has created a new list-serv for public health nursing. The list-serv, Missouri Public Health Nursing (MO-PHN-L), is open to everyone and includes information about resources, announcements, educational opportunities, and questions for other subscribers.

To subscribe:
Go to (notice no "e" in listsrv)
You will get a screen that says-Welcome to
Click on the heading-Information and Commands on Available Mailing Lists
Click on MO-PHN-L (the names are in alphabetical order)
You will get a screen that has commands
Click on Subscribe to MO-PHN-L
Type in your e-mail address and hit OK

Environmental Health (EH- Nurse List-Serve)
The EH-Nurse electronic mailing list is dedicated to supporting nursing professionals seeking accurate, timely and credible scientific information on environmental health and nursing. The ultimate goal is to prevent environmental disease by increasing the numbers of nursing professionals who can recognize environmental etiologies and risk factors of disease, promote health through risk reduction and control strategies and empower individuals, families and communities through partnering, advocacy and education.

To subscribe:
Send an e-mail to
Leave subject blank
Type subscribe eh-nurse in the subject line
Delete your signature before you send

IAC Express
Immunization and hepatitis A and B news you can use published by the Immunization Action Coalition and Hepatitis B Coalition.

To subscribe:
Go to

MCH Alert
The MCH Alert list-serv provides weekly updates of a broad range of resources including journal articles, recently released reports, new federal programs and initiatives, and conferences affecting the maternal and child health community. The MCH Alert is available free to anyone who is interested in current issues in maternal and child health news and policy. The MCH Alert is distributed each Friday via e-mail.

To subscribe:
Send an e-mail message to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. You do not need to enter any text in the body of your message. You will receive confirmation that the subscription is being processed and you will receive your first issue of the MCH Alert within the next week.

Nursing and Environmental Health
This list-serv was created to provide nurses a forum to discuss emerging topics and pose questions regarding environmental health and nursing. You can expect to see announcements relevant to “Environment, Health and Nursing,” including: conferences, new educational materials (books, curricula, videos, etc.), continuing education programs, funding “RFPs,” and federal and state initiatives, regulations, policies and resources (websites, organizations), as well as experiences and helpful tips to addressing environmental health issues in your practice setting.

To subscribe:
Send e-mail message to with the text message: Subscribe Environmental Health Nursing -your name.

Public Health Nursing Discussion and Information
An unmoderated discussion list designed to provide discussion and exchange of information among nursing professionals who provide public health services and other interested parties.

To subscribe:
Send e-mail message to

Leave subject line blank. In the body of the message type SUBSCRIBE PHNURSES your name.

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