Missouri Hepatitis C (HCV) Planning Group

The HCV Prevention Planning Group was formed in September 2006 and meets once every quarter. The purposes of the group are: 

  1. To bring together all interested government agencies, non-profit organizations, and providers for the purpose of enhancing the education, testing, referral and treatment options for those at risk for infection with HCV, and those already infected, and to provide an atmosphere conducive to multi-agency collaboration.
  2. To assess statewide HCV needs.
  3. To create an HCV Prevention plan for Missouri.

The goal of the group is to provide an organizational structure through which public awareness can be raised and plans can be made for serving those individuals infected and affected by HCV can be better served. We ask all parties interested in joining the group to call 573-751-6439 to register. Once registered, you will be on our mailing list and will be provided with information on all upcoming meetings.