Diabetes Update

Fact Sheets:

Diabetes Fact Sheet
Prevalence of Diabetes in Missouri, 2007
Emergency Room Visits of Diabetes in Missouri, 2006
Hospitalizations for Diabetes in Missouri, 2006
Death Rate of Diabetes in Missouri, 2007
Economic Costs of Diabetes, 2006
Prevalence of Pre-Diabetes in Missouri, 2007


Missouri Consensus Screening Guidelines for Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes in a Medical Setting
Missouri Consensus Diabetes Management Guideline for Adults

Educational Materials:

Smoking and Diabetes Poster
The Eagle Books: Stories about Growing Strong and Preventing Diabetes
What You Should Know About Diabetes and Medicare
(English) (Spanish) (Chinese) (Russian) (Vietnamese)
If You Have Diabetes You Are at High Risk for Heart Attack & Stroke (ABCs of Diabetes)
(English) (Spanish)
(Superhero Poster) (Important Numbers Poster)
Portion Size Guidelines – (English) (Spanish)
Eating Healthy with Diabetes – (English) (Spanish)
Take Charge of Your Diabetes (CDC)
Control Your Diabetes For Life, Tips for Feeling Better and Staying Healthy
(English) (Spanish)
Home Guide for Proper Disposal of Needles and Lancets
If You Have Diabetes . . . Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers!
(English) (Spanish)
Diabetes Patient Education Materials (NDEP)
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Diabetes Burden Report and State Plan
Diabetes Management in the School Setting Manual

Diabetes Update
Missouri Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force Report and Recommendations
Missouri Diabetes Scientific Studies, Reports, and Presentations


Diabetes Videos Available Through DHSS Audio Visual Program