September 12, 2011 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Void Redeemed Food Instruments
SEMINARS and CONFERENCES: October 2011 MWA Workshop
JOB OPPORTUNITY: Nutritionist or Dietitian-Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center-Kansas City
JOB OPPORTUNITY: Breastfeeding Peer Counselor-Samuel U. Rodgers WIC Clinic-Lexington

  1. Void Redeemed Food Instruments:  Food Instruments voided in MOWINS, returned to the participant and then redeemed have been identified as a State Audit issue.  This needs to change—no more void redeemed.

    According to Missouri WIC Scope of Work Section 4.0 and WOM ER# 3.06400, any Local WIC Provider (LWP) who fails to properly handle and account for Voided Food Instruments (FIs) may be billed for the redeemed value of those food instruments.  As a result of a USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) management evaluation finding, the State WIC Office must reimburse USDA FNS for FIs found to be inappropriately issued resulting in double issuance of WIC benefits to participants.

    FIs which have been keyed as VOID in the MOWINS data system and subsequently redeemed are now reported to Local WIC Providers (LWPs).  Reports are posted to Crystal Reports on the first day of each month.  LWPs may view and print by entering the agency number and month.  Beginning October 1, 2011 the State WIC Office will be requesting reimbursement from LWPs for any Voided FIs that are redeemed inappropriately.  If you have questions, please contact your District Technical Assistance staff.

    (ONE ATTACHMENT-Amount each agency would have owed in 2010 from non federal funds)


    October 2011 MWA Workshop:  The Missouri WIC Association 2011 Biennial Workshop will be October 25th and 26th at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City.  The registration fee is $150 per person with registration to be completed online at  Attached is the tentative Workshop agenda with the Opening session beginning at 1:00pm on October 25th and Closing at 12:00pm on October 26th.  A block of rooms have been reserved on first come first served basis at Capitol Plaza Hotel (1-800-338-8088) for this event.  Please contact the hotel directly mentioning the Missouri WIC Association (MWA) to make room reservations, room rate is $81.00 (single or double).  This block of rooms will be held until midnight on 9/24/2011.

    Questions or to Contact Us:  If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to check out our contact list on our web site to contact your local MWA representative or Jim Wheaton, MWA President, at (816) 404-9745 or Lynn Sojka, MWA Vice-President, at (314) 615-8370.

    We will be looking forward to visiting with you and planning the future of Missouri WIC Association. (ONE ATTACHMENT)

    Missouri WIC Association Board & Committee Members

  2. WIC Positions

    JOB OPPORTUNITY - Nutritionist or Dietitian-Samuel U. Rodgers-Kansas City: Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center is looking for a full time Nutritionist or Dietitian for our WIC Department.  This position will work out of two locations at the Main site and at our North Clinic.  See our website at for job requirements. Email your resume to, fax to (816) 474-4914 or apply in person at 825 Euclid Avenue, Kansas City, MO  64124.

    JOB OPPORTUNITY - Breastfeeding Peer Counselor-Samuel U. Rodgers-Lexington
     3 hours per week; 1 hour is mandatory on Thursday’s: Samuel U. Rodgers WIC Clinic in Lexington, MO is looking for a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor who will work with WIC team members to encourage and support breastfeeding among WIC participants.  This position will counsel pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers by telephone and in the WIC office at scheduled intervals; teach prenatal and breastfeeding classes with approved lesson plan provided by the health center.  Current or previous enrollment in WIC preferred.  Position requires three days of training to become a peer counselor.  Fax resume to (816) 474-4914 or email resume to

WIC FI Void Redeemed SFY 2010 By Agency
2011 Biennial MWA Workshop Agenda