March 14, 2011 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Survey: Crystal Reports- Action Required
SUBJECT 2: Participant Nutrition Education on the Web
SUBJECT 3: LWP Oral Assessment Survey – Complete 1 per agency
SUBJECT 4: Eat Right with the Color Green—National Nutrition Month Weekly Nutrition Tip
SUBJECT 5: New Nutrition Education Items in Spanish

  1. Survey: Crystal Reports- Action Required:  The State WIC Office would like to gather information regarding problems LWP staff encounter when trying to access Crystal Reports.  We are requesting LWP assistance in completing the short 9 question survey.  When you complete this survey please be as specific as possible with your responses so we can better understand the issues.  The survey will be available from March 15 through close of business April 15, 2011.  If you have any questions about the survey please contact Michelle Nienhuis by phone at 800-392-8209 or by e-mail at  Thank you for your assistance.

  2. Participant Nutrition Education on the Web:  This is a reminder that Participant Nutrition Modules on the Web are available for use with non-high risk WIC participants.  Eighteen Participant Nutrition Education on-line classes are available on the web at the WIC Families link.  The policy “Alternative Methods of Providing Nutrition Education (Web based, Self-Paced Modules, Telephone and E-mail) (2.06300)” is available in the WOM to guide LWP CPAs that decide to use this option for participant nutrition education.

    • The LWP CPA will review and follow the policy guidelines to ensure that web classes are appropriate to meet the participant’s needs before they are allowed to use this method for nutrition education.
    • Note:  In the above policy, refer to Procedure 3 which explains the role of the CPA in providing follow up on the nutrition web classes using the "Process of Delivering Effective Nutrition Education in WIC" (memo MPSF: WC-06-17-P).
    • These classes are designed to give immediate feedback to the participant throughout the module.
    • The web class instruction form is available on the website which can be printed at the LWP office and provided to the participant when this option of providing nutrition education is selected.
    • Each module has been designed to produce a certificate of completion.  Please see sample in the weekly update message which shows the details on the certificate for the class taken.  The participant should be instructed to print the certificate and bring it to the LWP for verification of completion.  If the participant is unable to print the certificate, the lower section of the web class instruction form can be used to document the class title, date completed, certificate number and time completed.

    More classes will be posted on the website in the future.  If you have any questions, please contact your district TA nutritionist. (ONE ATTACHMENT)

  3. LWP Oral Assessment Survey–Complete 1 per agency:  The state WIC office would like to have a better understanding of how the oral assessment is completed at the local agency level.  Please provide your input through the Oral Assessment Survey.  Complete one survey per agency.  The survey is now open and will close Thursday March 31st.  For questions about the survey or to provide additional information, contact Rita Arni at or call 573.751.8159.

  4. Eat Right with the Color Green—National Nutrition Month Weekly Nutrition Tip:  This week’s focus is on green fruits and veggies.  Use this week’s message in an employee email or newsletter to help promote the benefits of adding green fruits and vegetables to your meals.  The more colors you eat ensures you are making the most of your meals.  This week is all about GREEN fruits and vegetables.  See the attached for more information about adding green fruits and vegetables to your meals.  If you have any questions about these materials, please contact Pat Simmons at or 573-522-2843.

  5. New Nutrition Education Items in Spanish: The following nutrition education items in Spanish are being printed. Local WIC providers with Spanish speaking participants will receive a small amount of each item when they are printed in April. In the meantime, please make copies as needed. If you have any questions, please contact Takako Tagami at


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