April 18, 2011 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Invitation for FY 2012 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling (BFPC) Program
SUBJECT 2: WIC Breastfeeding Friendly WIC Clinic Application
SUBJECT 3: Transportation for MO Health Net Eligible Participants
SUBJECT 4:  Food Instruments - Void - Redeemed

  1. Invitation for FY 2012 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling (BFPC) Program:  If your agency is interested in participating in the FFY 2012 BFPC program, please see the attached letter.  Applications will be completed online this year.  So if your agency is interested in applying, please click here to complete the online application and attach your BFPC agency plan.  For those who have access, your User ID and Password will be the same as the one used for the LAP and WIC online invoice.  If you have not completed an ASAP to request access, please see the WIC Update posted on April 4, 2011 for more information.  The deadline for completing the application is COB on May 13, 2011.  If you have any questions please contact Leona Greer at Leona.Greer@health.mo.gov or by phone at 573-751-6498. (ONE ATTACHMENT)

  2.  WIC Breastfeeding Friendly WIC Clinic Application:  The state WIC office announced criteria for local WIC providers to gain the designation of “Breastfeeding Friendly” in a WIC Update posted on January 18, 2011.  The purpose of this statewide effort is to implement evidence-based breastfeeding strategies to encourage and recognize local WIC providers that offer an optimal level of breastfeeding support.  This concept was discussed at the “Using Loving Support to Grow and Glow in WIC” training that was attended by all local WIC staff last year.  The WIC Breastfeeding Task Force worked with the state office to develop the specific criteria that must be met to be recognized as a “Breastfeeding Friendly WIC Clinic”.

    If your agency would like to apply for “Breastfeeding Friendly” status for FFY2012, please click here to complete the online application. If you completed an ASAP request for the BFPC application, you will also have access to this application.  Once it is determined that your agency meets all the criteria, additional funding will be provided to your agency for FY2012.  We realize that as evidence-based breastfeeding strategies are implemented and more WIC mothers initiate and continue to breastfeed, more local WIC staff time is needed for breastfeeding support.  The extra funding provided must be used for additional staff time and will need to be budgeted in the FY 2012 LAP under SF3.  Funding amounts will vary from $10,000 to $50,000 per year, depending on your agency’s prenatal/breastfeeding caseload.  Additional recognition will be provided, including a plaque to hang in your clinic.  The deadline for completing the application is COB on May 13, 2011.  If you have any questions please contact Kathy Mertzlufft at Kathy.Mertzlufft@health.mo.gov or by phone at 573-526-4792.

  3. Transportation for MO Health Net Eligible Participants:  Some local WIC agencies have expressed concern that their caseload has declined due to the possibility of participants not having transportation to attend their WIC appointments.  The state office has contacted Missouri Transportation Management (MTM) who manages non-emergency medical transportation.  Since many of our participants are participating in MO Health Net, these participants can utilize the MTM services to attend their WIC appointments.  Eligible participants would need to call MTM 5 days prior to any of their medical appointments to arrange for pick-up.  Other children who are not covered by MO Health Net may utilize this service as long as the parent/guardian has an approved safety seat for any child less than 45 pounds.  Local WIC Providers are encouraged to provide this referral to eligible participants by having them contact MTM at 1-866-269-5927 to arrange for transportation.  The local agency shall not provide information over the phone to MTM confirming/denying if the participant attended their WIC appointment(s).  The LWP shall request MTM to fax verification for reimbursement to the local agency.  The LWP will then have the participant sign the verification form before the LWP faxes it back to MTM.  If you have questions about this information, please contact your district TA team.

  4. Food Instruments - Void – Redeemed:  Missouri WIC received a finding from the State Auditor for WIC checks that are voided in MOWINS and later redeemed.  Why are checks voided and later cashed?  These reports will assist us in identifying the reasons for voided checks being cashed and preventing future occurrences.

    Food Instruments (FI) that have been keyed as void in MOWINS should never be given to the participant.
    New reports have been written and posted to Crystal Reports to assist agencies in identifying FI’s that have been keyed as void and later redeemed (refer to “Changes to Crystal” below).  LWP’s must research each FI on the new report and document as much detailed information as possible about why the FI was keyed as void and why it was given to the participant.  Documentation must be done in two ways:  (1) As a general note in each participant folder in MOWINS.  (2) Submit documentation to your Technical Assistance (TA) staff.  In the documentation to your TA staff, you must also state how your agency will assure that this does not happen in the future.  Refer to the WIC Operations Manual (WOM) Administration Volume: Food Instrument Accountability section.

    Changes to Crystal:

    1. A new folder has been created under WIC Reports – Local Agency.  The folder is called Food Instrument (FI) Reconciliation.
    2. Under the new folder mentioned in 1 above, are two new folders:
      1. Void/Lost/Stolen FI’s – Redeemed.  This folder contains a new report that shows all FI’s for the last three full months that were keyed as void, lost, or stolen and later redeemed.  There is a version that can be viewed in Crystal format and there is a version that can be exported to Excel.
      2. Void/Lost/Stolen FI’s – Redeemed and Not Redeemed.  This folder contains four reports that were previously posted under the Clinic Management folder.  The reports in this folder show all FI’s for the last three full months that were keyed as void, lost, or stolen – and shows if they were redeemed or not.

    Click here for Instructions on using Crystal Reports. These instructions also explain how to export to Excel.

    If you have trouble running any report in Crystal, please contact the WIC Help Desk at 800-554-2544.
    For assistance in using and interpreting the reports on Crystal, please contact your TA team.

BFPC Program FY2012 Invitation Letter