November 1, 2010 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: WIC News Release
JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Peer Counselors

  1. WIC News Release: It’s that time of year again!  Now that the new contract year has started, it’s time to announce that you’ve received your WIC contract.  You’ll want to do a news release before December 30th—the end of the first quarter—that starts something like:  The (local WIC provider name) has announced that a contract to continue to provide WIC services for federal  fiscal year 2011 has been signed with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.  Under the terms of the contract, the (local WIC provider name) will be able to serve (number) persons eligible for WIC every month.  Additional pointers include:
    • Include your agency name, address, and phone number in the news release.
    • Don’t forget to put the Civil Rights required statement on it, stating that “This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”
    • Keep a list of where it was distributed in your Outreach Activities file, along with a copy of the news release itself.
    • You don’t have to pay to have this advertised.
    For more information, see the policy on Public Notification (WOM ER # 1.02200) or contact your district administrative technical assistance staff.

WIC Positions

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Peer Counselors Needed!
12-16 hours per week; flexible days/times
This position will counsel pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers by telephone and in the WIC office at scheduled intervals; teach prenatal and breastfeeding classes with approved lesson plan provided by the health center; organize breastfeeding mother support groups; make contact with designated caseload of WIC participants on a monthly basis; provide information and support for women managing common breastfeeding problems and refer participants to a nutritionist or lactation consultant when situation occurs outside of scope of practice.  Will update and maintain records for breast pump program and keep accurate records of contacts with participants on the logs and in the WIC computer system.  Must have H.S. Diploma or GED, good communication skills, breastfed a child for at least six months, is enthusiastic about breastfeeding and has a desire to share that enthusiasm, working knowledge of computers, must be able to take phone calls after regular business hours and on weekends.  Current or previous enrollment in WIC preferred.  Must be able to speak Spanish or Vietnamese.  Position requires three days of training to become a peer counselor.  Send your resume to, apply in person at 825 Euclid Ave, KCMO 64124 or fax to 816-474-4914.