February 8, 2010 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Amendments for Rate Increase
SUBJECT 2: Additional Breastfeeding Training Funds
SUBJECT 3: MOWINS Reports Request
SUBJECT 4: Instructions for Direct Shipments of Formula – All CPAs Please Read!
SUBJECT 5: Complaints regarding WIC Retail Vendors

  1. Amendments for Rate Increase:   Amendments for the new rate increase were sent to each agency last week.  Please let Laura Weiler know if you have not received the amendment with the rate increase to $12 per participant for your WIC Services Contract.  When the signed copy is received, it will be signed in the State Office and the new rate will be entered into the WIC Online Invoicing Application.  You will be able to bill for reimbursement on your next invoice.  Thanks to all those agencies that have already responded.  Please contact Laura Weiler with questions at 573-526-7901 or Laura.Weiler@health.mo.gov

  2. Additional Breastfeeding Training Funds:  Additional breastfeeding training funds are available.  Special funding has been provided to agencies through Special Funding 5 for local WIC provider staff to attend “Using Loving Support to Grow and Glow in WIC: Breastfeeding Training for All WIC Staff.”  Does your agency need additional funds to send staff to Breastfeeding Training?  Do you need funds for travel costs or staff salaries for agency staff to attend this training?  If your agency needs more funds than what was originally allocated in Special Funding 5 for salary, travel, hotel for this training, please send an email to WICOperations@health.mo.gov.  Give us:  Your Name, Your Agency Name, Amount Requested, and the Budget Plan for spending the funding.  Requests will be accepted until Feb 18th.  Smaller agencies will be given preference for the funding.  Please contact your TA Staff with questions.

  3. MOWINS Reports Request:  The MOWINS reports request website has been updated and is ready for agencies to use now.

    The website was first available in October 2009 but some parts were changed to give us more details of the request.

    The form asks for specifics about the report(s) that you want, such as a summary or detailed report; the purpose of the report, etc.

    When you enter your request, please include as much detail as you can.  The more detail you give, the easier it will be to write the new report from MOWINS and to prioritize them from a clinic operations stand point.

    Example:  I want a report that gives me all the pregnant women in my agency.  Do you want all prenatals as of the first of the current month or do you want all prenatals as of today?  Do you want the full address and phone number or just phone number?  Do you want it by clinic site or do you want all clinic sites together (if multi clinic agency)?

    For assistance with the website, please contact Melissa Seaver at Melissa.Seaver@health.mo.gov.  For assistance with a specific report request, please contact your district TA staff.

  4. Instructions for Direct Shipments of Formula – All CPAs Please Read!:  The State WIC Office recently conducted a review of Direct Shipments of Formula.  A direct shipment is an infrequent transaction for some LWPs.  Several problems were identified.  Please read through the attached list and help us to appropriately document direct shipments of formula in MOWINS.

    Check the Food and Formula Reference Guide, Section A 14, page 5, if unsure of any aspect of direct shipping.  If still unsure, call your technical assistance nutritionist, the state office at 800-892-8209, or Rita Arni at 573.751.8159 or email rita.arni@health.mo.gov.  Thank you for your help in accounting for all WIC benefits issued to participants. 

  5. Complaints regarding WIC Retail Vendors:  To ensure that complaints regarding WIC Vendors are handled in a timely manner, when your agency receives a complaint from a WIC family regarding a WIC Approved Food item, please obtain as much information as possible about the food item(s) from the family.  Detailed information helps to ensure that the state office is addressing the specific concern that occurred in the store and/or to correctly identify the WIC approved food item.  Information that should be included is: product brand name, food item name (milk, frozen corn, apples, etc.), and packaging size.  If possible the UPC or PLU (on fresh fruits and vegetables) number is helpful, but not necessary.  It is also helpful if the family can identify the specific store they visited, the date and time of the occurrence and the name, physical description, gender or position (manager or cashier) of the store employee(s) involved.

    Families and/or Local WIC Providers can call the state WIC office directly or complete the necessary information on the attached WIC Participant Redemption Complaint Form (WIC-40) and fax or mail this information to the WIC Vendor Group at the state WIC office.

    The WIC-40 can also be used if families would like to file a complaint regarding other concerns they have regarding a WIC Vendor.  Please let families know that their information is kept confidential and is not shared with the store if they are concerned about having their identity shared with the store.  Families can also contact the state WIC office by calling the toll-free number at 800-392-8209.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact their district TA staff or the WIC Vendor Group at the state WIC office.

Instructions for Direct Shipment of Formula
WIC-40 WIC Participant Redemption Complaint