December 13, 2010 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: FY 2010 Missouri WIC Customer Satisfaction Survey - Summary Report
SUBJECT 2: Reminder of Process for Formula Approval and Direct Shipment Requests
SUBJECT 3: Participant Receipt of Formula - New Form
SUBJECT 4: WIC Resource Request/Order Survey – Action Required
SUBJECT 5: Learning Dynamics Newsletter

  1. FY 2010 Missouri WIC Customer Satisfaction Survey-Summary Report: The FY 2010 Missouri WIC Customer Satisfaction Survey Report summarized the results of the surveys conducted in March & April 2010. Similar surveys were conducted in 2006 & 2008. The survey results for all three years verified that the WIC participants’ language background has an impact on the effectiveness of the WIC program. As communication occurs throughout the process of service administration, the mutual understanding of the participants and the WIC staff is critical. The report can be accessed here. In addition, a PowerPoint summary of the report is attached for local agency use, e.g. working with staff on customer service issues or present to board members as an educational tool. If you need additional information about the survey, please contact Annie Siu-Norman at
  2. Reminder of Process for Formula Approval and Direct Shipment requests to the State WIC Office: The State WIC Office would like to remind Local WIC provider staff to call 800-392-8209 for formula approvals requiring state nutritionist approval and/or direct ship arrangement. You will then be directed to the state nutritionist assigned for that day.

    Leaving a voice mail or sending an email message to the state nutritionist who previously approved the formula, but may not be assigned that day, will delay the approval process especially when that nutritionist is out of the office. This could potentially result in a hardship for the participant.

    As a reminder:

    • Please do not leave a voice mail message for the state nutritionist who previously approved the formula or direct shipment.
    • Please do not send an e-mail to the state nutritionist who previously approved the formula or direct shipment.

    LWPs are also reminded to make arrangements within their agency for those times when their nutritionist/CPA may not be available to take care of formula approvals or direct shipment requests, in order to continue to provide services as effectively as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your TA Nutritionist.

  3. Participant Receipt of Formula Form: The State WIC Office has developed a form, in response to requests from LWPs that can be used for issuing formula to participants in the following scenarios:
    • Issuance of formula to participants when there is a direct shipment from the formula company to the LWP
    • Issuance of formula to participants from the agency’s extra supply
    • Issuance of formula from the extra formula database (from another LWP) which is then provided to participants
    • Issuance of formula shipped from the State WIC Office to the LWP which is then provided to participants

    The use of this form is optional and you may begin using it now. The form can also be used when the packing slip is damaged or when the agency receives one shipment of formula for more than one participant. Because of participant confidentiality, participants must sign separate documents. When all documentation is completed on the form it will then be scanned into MOWINS as proof that the participant received formula (the same as you currently do with the packing slips).

    The Participant Receipt of Formula Form (see attachment) will be posted on the web site at a future date for use as needed. Please contact your TA nutritionist if you have any questions.

  4. WIC Resource Request/Order Survey–Action Required: The following WIC resource items are available for local WIC providers.
    • National WIC Association’s (NWA) 2011 Calendars - Additional calendars are available upon request.
    • Translated WIC Key Resources - Attached is a list of available WIC key resource items available in Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Chinese, Farsi, French, Hmong, Italian, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Please visit the web sites below to download:

           WICLWP - Forms
           WICLWP - Publications
           CDs containing the items listed on the attachment are also available.

    • Stickers - Limited quantities available!

    The state office has purchased Growing Girl Stickers (480 rolls) and Growing Boy Stickers (480 rolls) for FY 2011. Expected shipping date is early February 2011.

    On December 14, 2010, WIC coordinators will receive an e-mail survey. Please complete the survey by December 21, 2010. If you have any questions, please contact Takako at

  5. Learning Dynamics Newsletter: Attached is the latest “Customer Service Notes for WIC.” This issue discusses the link between multi-tasking and stress, and the need to not let either impact your service to participants. We hope you find it useful.

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