April 5, 2010 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Breastfeeding Performance Bonus
SUBJECT 2: WIC Approved Soymilk-Newly Designed Packaging
SUBJECT 3: Income of 2010 Census Workers
SUBJECT 4: PedNSS and PNSS 2008 Data Summaries

  1. Breastfeeding Performance Bonus:  We have exciting news to share!  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced performance awards to states that have done an exceptional job promoting and supporting breastfeeding among mothers participating in the WIC program. Secretary Vilsack’s press release is attached.  Missouri was selected as one of the ten state agencies with the most improved breastfeeding rates.  For specifics on the announcement please see the attached message from Douglas Greenaway, President and CEO of the National WIC Association.

    This award could not have happened without the dedication of our local WIC agencies in promoting and supporting breastfeeding.  Thank you for all your hard work in assisting our mothers to achieve their breastfeeding goals.  Obviously, our work is not done.  This funding will be used to continue our breastfeeding efforts and information on how these funds will be utilized is forthcoming.

  2. WIC Approved Soymilk - Newly Designed Packaging:  Launching in May 2010 - Stremicks Heritage Foods is changing the package of the 8th Continent Soymilk – Original.  The new packaging will become available at WIC vendors during the first or second week of May, 2010.  Please share the attached poster with your staff and participants.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Takako Tagami at Takako.Tagami@health.mo.gov.

  3. Income of 2010 Census Workers:  A question has been raised regarding whether to count the income received by individuals hired to conduct the 2010 Census when determining income eligibility.  The answer is yes; such income must be counted when determining WIC income eligibility.  Local agencies should consider the income of the family during the past 12 months and the family’s current income to determine which time frame more accurately reflects the family’s income.  In general, the length of employment for Census workers is most likely no more than a few months.

    If you have questions, contact Mark Davis at Mark.Davis@health.mo.gov or 573-526-5323 or 800-392-8209.

  4. PedNSS and PNSS 2008 Data Summaries:  The 2008 data summaries for the Pediatric Nutrition and Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance Systems (PedNSS and PNSS) have been posted to the Department web page.  These reports summarize key pediatric health indicators of infants and children, age birth to 5 years, participating in the Missouri WIC program in 2008 and key maternal health indicators of women participating in WIC in 2006.  These reports can be accessed by clicking WICLWP - Data scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the link to the specific report you want to read, then click on Data and Statistical Reports on the left bar to get the complete report.  Both reports include data maps.  If you have questions on how you can use this data in your local program, please contact your technical assistance district nutritionist.

USDA Breastfeeding Press Release
Breastfeeding Award Announcement