November 30, 2009 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: 2009 End of Year Billing is due December 10, 2009
SUBJECT 2: MOWINS Release 1.42.06
SUBJECT 3: Smoking Cessation Research Study Needs Participants
SUBJECT 4: Program for Dietetic Interns
SUBJECT 5: H1N1 Update
SUBJECT 6: Update on Forms and Nutrition Brochures

  1. 2009 End of Year Billing is due December 10, 2009:  The FFY 09 end of year deadline for invoices is December 10, 2009.  Expenses must have been incurred prior to October 1, 2009 to qualify for the FFY 09 funding year.  The grant year will close the end of December and payments beyond this date are not possible.

    September Invoice due 10-10-09
    SUPP1 due 11-10-09
    SUPP2 due 12-10-09 – ABSOLUTE DEADLINE

    Please contact your District Technical Assistance Staff for assistance.

  2. MOWINS Release 1.42.06:  MOWINS Release 1.42.06 is scheduled to be applied to the MOWINS Production Database on Friday, December 11, 2009.  We recommend that you allow time for the updates to download on each computer (approximately 45 minutes), to minimize delays in providing WIC services.  The first time each computer is logged into MOWINS on or after the above date, the release will download.  Once the download completes, you will receive a message that the application will restart.

    After the restart and you have logged into MOWINS, and to assure the release has been successfully downloaded to each computer, click on help: about WIC.  You will see a window with the version number below:

    Spirit Image

    This release contains but is not limited to, the following issue(s):
    Note:  The numbers in brackets before each issue is the JIRA tracking number for Missouri.

    1. [ENH-81] Option to enter Infant in Foster Care with Birth Information Optional in Infant Status at Birth Dropdown
    2. [FPI-221] Issuing Benefits to 6 month old Infant for future when in Bi-monthly or Tri-monthly issuance status
    3. [MT-119] When Voiding Checks – Not require clicking three (3) times in check box for each check
    4. [MOWIC-123] Annual Income Entry – Not terminate participant when annual income is entered
    5. [MOWIC-276] Reprinting Checks – Reprint only the checks that are marked as void and not entire set
    6. [MOWIC-256] Reprinting Checks – Paid information from original set is carried over to reprinted set – unable to key as void if needed

    After the release has successfully downloaded, the MOWINS letter templates must be installed. The letter templates will change the information from Chickasaw Nation to Missouri WIC on the documents printed from the MOWINS application.
    The website for this download is:  WIC LWP Downloads
    Click on the link (pictured below) for the templates and follow the instructions in the attached Word document.

  3. Smoking Cessation Research Study Needs Participants:  The Oregon Center for Applied Science Inc. (ORCAS) been recently funded by the National Cancer Institute to develop and evaluate a smoking cessation and relapse prevention intervention for pregnant and postpartum women.  ORCAS is a public health research organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families.  Smoking cessation and preventing relapse is one of the most primary health strategies for preventing and minimizing diseases such as childhood asthma and other debilitating health issues.  They have requested our assistance in distributing information to WIC clients about participation in this research study.

    The study will consist of two primary phases: 1) formative and program development and 2) evaluation.  They are looking for pregnant and postpartum women who want to quit smoking or who wish to avoid smoking relapse to give them assistance and feedback in the creation of the program, as well as participate in the clinical trial to evaluate the program after it is completed.  In order to be maximally inclusive and obtain diverse feedback, we are seeking participants across the US.  All participants will be compensated for their time.

    Attached are the recruitment flyers for pregnant and postpartum women.  If you have participants that might be interested in being involved in this study, we encourage you to post the attached flyers or give them to interested participants.  Women who are interested in the study must contact ORCAS directly via their toll-free number. 

    Study coordinators’ email and contact information is:
    Lynne Swartz, MPH, CHES:
    Susan Schroeder, MPH, CHES, PMP:
    Toll free: 888-349-5472

  4. Program for Dietetic Interns:  Reminder - The Program for Dietetic Interns (PDI) is now taking applications for the 2010-2011 class year.  Up to four interns will be selected from the pre-select option.  This is advantageous for employees of LWPs who are eligible to participate in the pre-select option.  DHSS will be providing additional funds to LWPs for participation in the PDI.  The postmark deadline for the pre-select option is Dec. 15th.  There is no fee for those interns who are employed by the MDHSS WIC program or employed by a Missouri Local WIC Provider.  A $3,000 fee applies to all other interns.  Be sure to use the "new" application form, which is required (see attached).  The Dietetic Internship Recommendation form is also attached for your use.  For more information, visit our website.  If you have any questions, please contact Vicki Strickland at 1- 800-392-8209 or
  5. H1N1 Update:  The Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP) is sharing this information regarding H1N1.  Feel free to copy the information below and send to your colleagues and constituents.  Also, please see important 2009 H1N1 Updates from the CDC in the attached.
  6. Update on Forms and Nutrition Brochures:  The following are updates on WIC forms and brochures:

    WIC 7 and WIC 8 Forms
    Both the WIC Nutrition Education Resource Request (WIC 7) and the WIC Supply Request Form (WIC 8) have been updated.  Please begin using the attached forms.

    WIC 27 Form
    The State Office reformatted the Medical Documentation - Health Care Provider Authorization form (WIC 27) due to legibility problems when faxing the form.  There was too much shading on part of the form, which resulted in difficulty reading parts of the form when it was faxed.  The improved WIC 27 form (11/09 version) will be shipped to all local WIC providers by December 4, 2009.

    2010 Missouri Association for Community Action “Eat Smart & Play Hard” Calendars
    The State Office received 2010 calendars from the Missouri Association for Community Action. Each local WIC providers will receive 3 to 5 calendars.  The calendars and WIC 27 form will be shipped to all local WIC providers in early December, 2009.

    Welcome To WIC (English)
    The Welcome to WIC brochure is being updated.  The State Office plans to ship the updated “Welcome to WIC” brochure to all local WIC providers in early January, 2010.

    Stickers: Growing Girl (#1193) and Growing Boy (#1194)
    The stickers have been ordered and should be available at the DHSS warehouse by the end of December, 2009.

    Nutrition Brochures (Spanish version)
    Both the Get Cookin’ with Beans brochure (#1274) and the WIC Food for Moms to Be and Children brochure (#753) should be available in early January 2010.

    Please share the information above with your staff.  If you have any suggestions and/or questions, please feel free to contact Takako Tagami at

DI Recommendation Form
Dietetic Internship Program Application wtih instructions top page Word 2007
How to Download Letter Templates
H1N1 Memo
Postpartum Sm Cessation Flyer
Smoking study recrtmnt pregnant women
WIC - 7 LWP Supply Request Form
WIC - 8 Supply Request Form