November 2, 2009 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: 2009 End of Year Billing is due December 10, 2009
SUBJECT 2: Participant Nutrition Education on the Web
SUBJECT 3: National WIC Association Spanish Calendars- Corrected Version
SUBJECT 4: Safe at Home Program

  1. 2009 End of Year Billing is due December 10, 2009:  The FFY 09 end of year deadline for invoices is December 10, 2009.  Expenses must have been incurred prior to October 1, 2009 to qualify for the FFY 09 funding year.  The grant year will close the end of December and payments beyond this date are not possible.

    September Invoice due 10-10-09
    SUPP1 due 11-10-09
    SUPP2 due 12-10-09 – ABSOLUTE DEADLINE

    Please contact your District Technical Assistance Staff for assistance.

  2. Participant Nutrition Education on the Web:  Thirteen Participant Nutrition Education on-line classes are now available on the web.
    • The policy Alternative Methods of Providing Nutrition Education (Web based, Self-Paced Modules, Telephone and E-mail) (2.06300) is available to guide LWPs who decide to use this option for participant nutrition education.
    • The LWP Nutritionist will review and follow the policy guidelines to ensure that web classes are appropriate to meet the participant’s needs before they are allowed to use this method for nutrition education.
    • The classes are designed to ensure that the participant actually takes the class with immediate feedback as they go through the class.
    • A certificate can be printed and brought back to the LWP as proof the participant actually took the class.
    • If the participant is not able to print they can write down the certificate number and take it back to the LWP as proof for taking the class.
    • Please see the attachment for a sample certificate.

    More classes will be posted on the website in the future.  Attached is a list of upcoming classes for your reference.  If LWP staff has other ideas or needs for additional education classes, please contact your district nutritionist.

  3. National WIC Association Spanish Calendars Corrected Version:  The NWA Spanish Calendars have arrived at the DHSS warehouse and are being sent to those local WIC providers who have a large number of Spanish speaking participants.  The warehouse began shipping the calendars October 23.  If you have questions, please discuss with your District TA person.
  4. Safe at Home Program:  For the last two years, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s office has had the privilege of implementing the Safe at Home address confidentiality program to protect Missouri residents impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and stalking.  Since August 2007, Safe at Home has provided services to over 530 men, women and children statewide.  Program staff has also trained over 400 Application Assistants who serve every county in Missouri, making the program as accessible as possible to potential participants.

    Safe at Home can become a significant part of someone’s personal safety planning if she or he is aware of the program and how it works.  With your assistance, we can continue to spread the word about Safe at Home to people when they need it the most.  It is important for state agencies to be aware of the program and how it impacts their customers.  Agency employees may have a personal or professional need to make referrals to the program.  When appropriate, we encourage employees to refer potential participants to our toll-free number at (866) 509-1409 or our web site at  It’s also important for agency employees to know how to interact with a Safe at Home participant as a customer since participants are authorized to use, and a state agency must accept, a substitute address when they might otherwise be required to provide a home address.

    Secretary Carnahan’s office always welcomes the opportunity to share information about Safe at Home and how it impacts Missourians.  If we can be of any assistance to you in keeping your employees apprised of the program, please know our program staff is available for staff training or agency presentations.

    Thank you again for your help in ensuring that Missourians feel safe at home.  If you need any further information, please contact Brenda Sites, the Safe at Home Program Manager, by e-mailing or by calling toll free (866) 509-1409.

Education on the web
Sample Certificate for Education on the web