June 29, 2009 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1:  WIC MICA Data by Agency
SUBJECT 2: Infant Formula Rebate Contract Awarded
SUBJECT 3: Printing MOWINS Checks Upside Down
SUBJECT 4: Missouri Beef Industry Council Mailing
SUBJECT 5: Elevated Blood Lead Levels

  1. WIC MICA Data by Agency:  This is a reminder of a tool that that we first told LWPs about in 2006 that can help you analyze data about your participants.  This data allows the user to create and download tables, based on selected variables such as age, education and Medicaid (MOHealthNet) status from the following files: Prenatal, Postpartum, Prenatal/Postpartum, Infant and Child.  The data is available at WIC MICA.  In case you no longer have the user name and password, we will send them to the WIC Coordinator by e-mail on July 6, 2009.  (Because of confidentiality issues, it is necessary to make this data available only to LWPs, not the general public and not staff in your agency who do not work in WIC.  On some queries only one individual will show.  Based on the characteristics that were entered, someone may be able to figure out who this person is.  Do not share the user ID and password with others outside of your agency or those in your agency for non-WIC purposes.)  The data you will see are WIC MICAs that are comparable to the WIC MICAs that have been available for several years at MICA, with one big difference.  The data is presented by agency also, not only by county as in the past.  The data will be your participants' data, regardless of where they live.  On the left side tool bar on the WIC MICA home page, you will see links to Definitions, Documentation and a Tutorial/Demo.  These links will assist you in better understanding the data.

    If you have questions, contact Mark Davis at Mark.Davis@health.mo.gov  or 573-526-5323 or 800-392-8209.

  2. Infant Formula Rebate Contract Awarded:  Missouri has awarded its infant formula rebate contract that begins October 1, 2009 to Mead Johnson Nutritionals (MJN).  USDA requires all states to have an infant formula rebate contract for milk and soy-based formulas.  MJN is our current rebate contractor; their contract ends September 30, 2009.  The new contract is for a three (3) year period with possible renewals after that time.  Since our computer system is already set up with the MJN formulas and our participants and local WIC provider staff is familiar with the MJN products, it is nice to not have to make any changes.  Of course we will continue to allow the exempt formulas and medical foods from the other formula manufacturing companies, Abbot Labs/Ross, Nestle, Nutricia and PBM.  Many of you have inquired about Enfamil Premium.  This new MJN formula is on the formula rebate contract that begins October 1, 2009.  We will not issue Enfamil Premium until October 1, 2009.  We will be sending to you the list of contract rebate formulas when we receive it from MJN.  If you have questions, please contact your District TA Nutritionist.

  3. Printing MOWINS Checks Upside Down:  We have just been notified from some vendors that they have received MOWINS checks that have been printed upside down.  This creates a huge problem for the WIC vendors, the WIC banking contractor and the WIC participants.  Please take extra care in looking at the checks before giving them to the WIC participants.  When looking at the check, on the bottom right hand side of the check (when printed correctly) there is a long vertical green line.  If this line is anyplace else on the check except in this location, you have the check paper in the printer incorrectly and the check will not be printed correctly.  You must stop and put the check paper in the printer the correct way.  If you have any questions, please contact Larry Rutledge at larry.rutledge@health.mo.gov or 800-392-8209.

  4. Missouri Beef Industry Council Mailing:  Nutrition education materials from the Missouri Beef Industry Council will be arriving (or may already have arrived) in the mail for each local WIC provider in Missouri.  They are addressed to the attention of the nutrition coordinator.  You will receive a set of materials for your main site and each satellite site (all mailed to the main site).  Our thanks to the Missouri Beef Industry Council for the participant education posters and handouts.  If you have questions, please contact your District TA Nutritionist.

  5. Elevated Blood Lead Levels:  When a local WIC provider obtains or receives referral data of an elevated blood lead level of ≥ 10 mcg/dl, the abnormal blood lead level shall be entered into MOWINS for Risk Factor 211 to be automatically assigned.  The elevated lead level result must be within 12 months of the date of certification or recertification.  Certifying staff will assign a food package and provide appropriate referral information to the participant.  CPAs and nutritionists will provide guidance on how to reduce exposure to lead through appropriate counseling.  If you have questions, please contact your District TA Nutritionist.