July 27, 2009 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Local Agency Plan (LAP) for 2010
SUBJECT 2: 2010 Outreach Funding—How to Apply?
SUBJECT 3: Topaz Signature Pads- Adjust the Contrast
SUBJECT 4: HANDS Off to MOWINS- August 17
SUBJECT 5: Microcuvette Survey

  1. Local Agency Plan (LAP) for 2010:  Enhancements to the online LAP application have been completed and will be included in the FFY2010 LAP Training.  Since the training this year is optional, a list of enhancements to make the LAP more user-friendly is included in the attached document for those who will not attend training.  ASAP instructions for access to the online LAP are also attached.  LAP Data will be updated and the online LAP will be ready for entry on Wednesday, July 15, 2009.  If you have any questions about the ASAP instructions, LAP Training or the LAP Enhancements, you may contact Betty Cassidy at 800-392-8209 or by email Betty.Cassidy@health.mo.gov.
  2. 2010 Outreach Funding—How to Apply:  Funds will be available to develop and implement Outreach Projects for 2010.
    • What has changed?  Changes for this year include sending an email to your District TA Team to request the funding available to your agency.  When you email your request to the TA Team, your allocation will be loaded into the LAP, allowing your detail budget to be entered.  Goals, funding amounts and suggestions have remained the same as last year.
    • Who can apply?  Current WIC agencies
    • How much funding is available?  $495,000 is allocated for agencies according to the size of the agency WIC program.  Amounts can be found in the guidance.
    • Deadline?  Each agency must request the funding by an email to their TA Team by August 1, 2009.  Amounts will be loaded for each agency requesting funding.  The agency will be required to enter a budget for approval on the LAP.
    • Questions?  Contact your District TA Team
  3. Topaz Signature Pads- Adjust the Contrast:  We have attached instructions on how to adjust the contrast on the Topaz signature pad that is used with MOWINS.  You can adjust to the image to make it darker or lighter as desired.  The computer the signature pad is attached to must be turned on when you make the adjustment.  You do not have to be in MOWINS but may prefer to do so to verify the contrast for a particular screen (e.g. signing for checks).
    If you have questions, please contact the WIC Help Desk at 800-554-2544.
  4. HANDS Off to MOWINS- August 17:  You are invited to attend the celebration to honor HANDS and the people who used it to serve Missouri families over the past 16+ years.  Then celebrate the successful transition to MOWINS.  See attached flyer.
    If you have questions contact Mark Davis at Mark.Davis@health.mo.gov or 573-526-5323 or 800-392-8209.
  5. Microcuvette Survey:  It's time to order Microcuvettes.  Please follow the instructions below to ensure your agency receives your supply of microcuvettes.
      1. Microcuvette Survey:  The Microcuvette Survey will allow us to accurately order supplies of microcuvettes for each Local WIC Provider on a timely basis.  Please complete and return the attached survey via e-mail to WICOperations@health.mo.gov by August 7, 2009.  This will assure no interruption in the supply of microcuvettes.
      2. Microcuvette Order:  The information from the survey will be used to identify the current supply on hand at each agency and to estimate the needs of each agency for the next six months.  The order will be submitted to HemoCue and shipped directly to your agency.
    Local WIC Provider Confirmation:  When you receive the order, please verify the number of microcuvettes received with the number listed on the packing slip.  If the number of microcuvettes in the package is the same as the packing slip, sign and date the packing slip.  Please fax the packing slip to Leslie Worrell at the State WIC Office within one (1) week of receiving the shipment.  The fax number is (573) 526-1470.  Confirmation on the packing slip is required in order for the State WIC Office to pay for the microcuvettes.  Confirmation by e-mail will not be accepted.  If the number of microcuvettes received is different from the packing slip, please call Leslie Worrell at (573) 526-4622.  Thank you for your cooperation.

3-Attachment 3 - Outreach Project SOW 2010 Draft
August 2009 Microcuvette Survey
LAP Enhancements 2010
Outreach Project-2010 Guidance
Topaz Sig Pads