December 7, 2009 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: 2009 End of Year Billing is due December 10, 2009
SUBJECT 2: Future Revisions to the Medical Documentation Form (WIC 27) – Deadline January 11, 2010
SUBJECT 3: WIC Contract Monitoring Forms on the Web
SUBJECT 4: Audit Closure and Record Destruction
SUBJECT 5: Smoking Cessation Research Study Needs Participants

  1. 2009 End of Year Billing is due December 10, 2009:  The FFY 09 end of year deadline for invoices is December 10, 2009.  Expenses must have been incurred prior to October 1, 2009 to qualify for the FFY 09 funding year.  The grant year will close the end of December and payments beyond this date are not possible.

    September Invoice due 10-10-09
    SUPP1 due 11-10-09
    SUPP2 due 12-10-09 – ABSOLUTE DEADLINE

    Please contact your District Technical Assistance Staff for assistance.

  2. Future Revisions to the Medical Documentation Form (WIC 27) – Deadline January 11, 2010:  As stated in the new food package trainings, WICNS is planning to revise the WIC 27 Medical Documentation form before its next reprint.  As everyday users of the form, we would like to give all Local WIC Providers the opportunity to provide feedback regarding what revisions are needed.  The deadline for submitting suggestions/comments is January 11, 2010.  Please submit all your suggestions and comments by email to or by calling 573-526-0209.
  3. WIC Contract Monitoring Forms on the Web:  Federal regulations require the state WIC office to monitor the local WIC provider (LWP) contract for WIC services.  The Missouri WIC Program does this through a combination of onsite visits and self monitoring reports.  Usually each year half of the LWP contracts receive an onsite visit and half the agencies complete the self monitor.  Those LWPs being asked to conduct a self monitoring have received (or soon will receive) forms to complete for the self monitor.  Onsite monitoring will be conducted with the other half of the LWPs for this fiscal year beginning in January.  LWP staff can view the most recent version of onsite monitoring and self monitoring forms on our website, under the LWP Policies and Procedures page.  For more information, refer to WIC Operations Manual policy ER# 1.05500 and contact your assigned WIC technical assistance staff with additional questions.
  4. Audit Closure and Record Destruction:  There is no change for the audit closure and record destruction notification this fiscal year.  The letter from Lyn Konstant dated December 5, 2008, authorizing destruction of records through federal fiscal year 2004 (ending September 30, 2004) unless prohibited due to other state or local restriction remains the most recent.  That letter is attached for your reference.  Please note, however, that there has been a change in the WIC Operations Manual (WOM) policies referenced in that letter.  WOM audit policies have been revised and combined into policy #1.06000.  For more information, please refer to the revised policy and contact the technical assistance staff assigned to your agency with further questions.
  5. Smoking Cessation Research Study Needs Participants:  The Oregon Center for Applied Science Inc. (ORCAS) was recently funded by the National Cancer Institute to develop and evaluate a smoking cessation and relapse prevention intervention for pregnant and postpartum women.  ORCAS is a public health research organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families.  Smoking cessation and preventing relapse is one of the most primary health strategies for preventing and minimizing diseases such as childhood asthma and other debilitating health issues.  They have requested our assistance in distributing information to WIC clients about participation in this research study.

    The study will consist of two primary phases: 1) formative and program development and 2) evaluation.  They are looking for pregnant and postpartum women who want to quit smoking or who wish to avoid smoking relapse to give them assistance and feedback in the creation of the program, as well as participate in the clinical trial to evaluate the program after it is completed.  In order to be maximally inclusive and obtain diverse feedback, we are seeking participants across the US.  All participants will be compensated for their time.

    Attached are the recruitment flyers for pregnant and postpartum women.  If you have participants that might be interested in being involved in this study, we encourage you to post the attached flyers or give them to interested participants.  Women who are interested in the study must contact ORCAS directly via their toll-free number. 

    Study coordinators’ email and contact information is:
    Lynne Swartz, MPH, CHES:
    Susan Schroeder, MPH, CHES, PMP:
    Toll free: 888-349-5472

Postpartum Sm Cessation Flyer
Smoking study recrtmnt pregnant women
WIC Audit Closure Letter to LWPs 12-3-08