September 22, 2008 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: MOWINS Training and Roll Out Dates
SUBJECT 2: Fit WIC MO Web Page Updated
SUBJECT 3: Program for Dietetic Interns
SUBJECT 4: Plastic Sleeves

  1. MOWINS Training and Roll Out Dates:  MOWINS Training for Local WIC Providers is scheduled for January 20th through July 3rd, 2009.  Please see the attachment for training and roll out dates for each LWP.  The State WIC Office will send the WIC Coordinator a registration form 2 months in advance of each training.  The WIC Coordinator will be responsible for registering staff for the MOWINS Training.  Please note that training locations have already been identified and staff should be scheduled accordingly.  Class sizes are limited to 12 and will include multiple agencies.  Additional information will be provided via the WIC Update, the MOWINS Updates web site or by e-mail to all WIC Coordinators.  Contact Michelle Nienhuis at 573-751-6244 or if you have any questions.  Please remember MOWINS is a web-based, windows-based program.  Knowing some basic Windows skills will assist staff in the transition from HANDS to MOWINS.  Attached, please find a Technology Skills Self Assessment Survey for MOWINS.  If you have staff that have answered "no" to any of the questions on the survey, please refer to the Weekly Updates in the MOWINS News for reference guides that should help them become more familiar with Windows-based programs.

  2. Fit WIC MO web page updated:  Check out the updated Fit WIC MO web page.  You’ll find many new resources, including lesson plans developed by local agency nutritionists, Fit WIC nutrition and physical activity behavior goals in Spanish, evaluation questions translated to Spanish, some great photos of Laclede County’s Fit WIC event, the statewide FY07 program evaluation report (click on FY2007) and more.  Contact Rita Arni RD LD at 573.751.8159 or email with questions or comments.

  3. Program for Dietetic Interns:  The Program for Dietetic Interns (PDI) is now taking applications for the 2009-2010 class year.  Up to four interns will be selected from the pre-select option.  This is advantageous for employees of LWPs who are eligible to participate in the pre-select option.  The deadline for the pre-select option is Dec. 15th.  There is no fee for those interns who are employed by the MDHSS WIC program or employed by a Missouri Local WIC Provider.  A $3,000 fee applies to all other interns.  Be sure to use the "new" application form, which is required (see attached).  The Dietetic Internship Recommendation form is also attached for your use.  For more information, visit our website.  If you have any questions, contact Vicki Strickland at 1- 800-392-8209 or

  4. Plastic Sleeves:  The DHSS warehouse does not have in stock the plastic sleeves yet.  As soon as they are delivered to the warehouse, we will e-mail the LWPS.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis Fuller at

Confirmed MOWINS Training Sites - Dates
Tech Skills PreAssess Revised for WIC 8-15-08