November 11, 2008 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Disposing of HemoCue Analyzers, Scales & Measuring Boards
SUBJECT 2: Infant Portable Measuring Board
SUBJECT 3: Program for Dietetic Interns Reminder
SUBJECT 4: Revised – Missouri WIC Reference Sheets for WIC Formulas, Foods, and Food Packages
SUBJECT 5: Enfamil Premature LIPIL 24 Cal. In 3 fl oz bottle
SUBJECT 6: Translated Nutrition Education and WIC Outreach Handouts
SUBJECT 7: WIC Certifier Role and Refresher Training

  1. Disposing of HemoCue Analyzers, Scales & Measuring Boards:  Due to some agencies receiving new HemoCue analyzers, they may have old analyzers that need to be picked up.  The analyzers contain Biohazard material and therefore must be disposed of properly.  If you want to dispose of an old analyzer, please complete the attached form and fax to Leslie Worrell at 573-526-1470 or e-mail it to the WIC Operations mailbox at .  The State WIC Office will identify for HemoCue which Local WIC Providers have items to be returned and schedule a time for HemoCue to collect them.  If you have any questions, please email

    Old scales or measuring boards may be disposed of at the agency.  The Oral Health Program would like to have old scales and measuring boards your agency no longer uses for a special screening project.  If you are interested in donating your old equipment to the Oral Health Program, please contact Carolyn Link at or 573-526-2825 to make arrangements.

  2. Infant Portable Measuring Board:  The parts to the Infant Portable Measuring Board are being sent in separate boxes by Perspectives.  Some agencies have experienced difficulty locating both boxes.  The sliding board and headboard were sent in a separate box from the measuring board.  The boxes may have arrived on different days and become separated.  If you have questions, please call Laura Weiler at 573-526-7901 or email at

  3. Program for Dietetic Interns Reminder:  The Program for Dietetic Interns (PDI) is now taking applications for the 2009-2010 class year.  Up to four interns will be selected from the pre-select option.  This is advantageous for employees of LWPs who are eligible to participate in the pre-select option.  The postmark deadline for the pre-select option is Dec. 15th.  There is no fee for those interns who are employed by the MDHSS WIC program or employed by a Missouri Local WIC Provider.  A $3,000 fee applies to all other interns.  Be sure to use the "new" application form, which is required (see attached).  The Dietetic Internship Recommendation form is also attached for your use.  For more information, visit our website.  If you have any questions, please contact Vicki Strickland at 800-392-8209 or

  4. Revised-Missouri WIC Reference Sheets for WIC Formulas, Foods, and Food Packages:  The 10-08 version of the Missouri WIC Reference Sheets for WIC Formulas, Foods, and Food packages has been updated.  Please share the 11-08 version of the reference sheets with your staff and begin using this revised FFRS immediately.  If you have any suggestions and/or questions, please contact Takako Tagami at

  5. Enfamil Premature LIPIL 24 Cal. in 3 fl oz bottles:  The State WIC office is aware that some vendors and warehouses still carry Enfamil Premature LIPIL 24 Cal in 3 fl oz bottles.  Food packages in HANDS are for this formula in the 2 fl oz bottle.  The table below shows the monthly maximum allowance for each size.

    Enfamil Premature LIPIL 24 Cal

    Size of Container

    Package Size

    Monthly Maximum Allowance

    2 fl oz bottle


    67 x 6-pack

    3 fl oz bottle


    33 x 8-pack

    We advise local WIC providers to contact WIC vendors before printing food instruments to find out which size is available.  Please see the attachment for a sample food instrument issuing this formula using the SF______ food package for a 0-3 month-old infant.  If you have any questions, please contact the WIC Help Desk for assistance at 800-554-2544. 

  6. Translated Nutrition Education and WIC Outreach Handouts:  The following handouts have been translated into 11 languages (Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Farsi, Hmong, Korean, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese) and are available to download from the website.
    1. Food To Grow On: Birth to 12 months
    2. Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs
    3. Missouri WIC Works Outreach Brochure

    The Spanish version of these handouts is being printed and will be available at the DHSS warehouse in 4 to 6 weeks.  If you have any suggestions and/or questions, please contact Takako Tagami at

  7. WIC Certifier Role and Refresher Training:  After much discussion at the State WIC office and input from many local WIC providers, there will be minimal changes to the WIC Certifier position.  The State WIC office will be able to monitor this position more closely with our new computer system.  Please see the attached addressing what the WIC Certifier will be allowed to do and not do in MOWINS.

    If you have WIC Certifiers, a refresher training is being offered December 2nd as well as in 2009.  This training is not mandatory for current WIC Certifiers, however newly hired WIC Certifiers who have not attended  training will be required to attend this full day of training.  The registration form along with the training dates and agenda are attached. 

    If you are planning on sending anyone to the December 2nd training, the attached registration form must be completed and faxed to D’Anne Ward at 573-522-6501 no later than Wednesday, November 19th. 

    Please see the attached for additional information. 

Para-Professional and Professional Training Agenda
Training Registration Form
WIC Certifier General Information 11-7-08
DI Recommendation Form
Dietetic Internship Program Application with Instructions
Enfamil Premature LIPIL 3 oz 11-07-08
Hemocue analyzer form