March 3, 2008 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1:TXT Update Files for Manual Check Program - Price Increases
SUBJECT 2: Reminder on Using STRM Screen in HANDS
SUBJECT 3: New Satellite Numbers for Selected LWPs

  1. TXT Update Files for Manual Ck Program - Price Increases:  A new folder has been created under WIC Reports on Crystal.  This folder, labeled "WIC Manual Check Program and Update Files", contains two links.  One link is to download the manual check program itself; the other is to download the current TXT update files.  These files in the past have been e-mailed to all WIC coordinators and vendor coordinators at each agency.  This e-mail will no longer be sent.  By posting these through Crystal, we can assure the most current TXT files are always available.

    Once you click on this link, find the header called "WIC Manual Check Updates", and then follow the instructions for saving the three TXT files.  Once these files are saved, run the updates through the administration menu.  To verify you have the updates installed, follow the instructions on the link in Crystal.

    For assistance, please contact Melissa Seaver at or 573-751-6489.

  2. Reminder on Using STRM Screen in HANDS:  LWP staff have reported to us that staff at other agencies sometimes mistakenly print WIC checks and other documents on the wrong printer.  They intend to print to a printer in their agency but accidentally send to a printer in another agency.  To prevent this from happening, go to the STRM screen every day before starting WIC business and set the proper print ID.

    To check the print ID, key STRM as the transaction identification (Tran ID) and press the right Ctrl key.  The STRM screen should be displayed with the terminal identification (Term ID) and the print identification (Print ID).  Check the Print ID assigned to the printer.  If incorrect, key the correct Print ID and press the F5 key to update.

    For you have questions, please contact the HANDS Help Desk at 800-554-2544.

  3. New Satellite Numbers for Selected LWPs:  In the February 11, 2008 WIC Updates, we included an article that stated there are 42 agencies that have at least one satellite that does not currently have a unique agency number.  Effective March 3, 2008 all WIC satellites will have a number assigned that will be used when keying information into HANDS for participants at the satellite site.  In mid-February Larry Rutledge e-mailed the administrator and WIC coordinator of the affected agencies to provide them details of this change.

    If you are one of the affected agencies and did not receive an email from Larry Rutledge or have questions, contact him at or 573-526-0226 or 800-392-8209.