January 28, 2008 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Microcuvette Survey
SUBJECT 2: Link to Crystal Reports – WIC
SUBJECT 3: Caseload Amendments - Response Requested
SUBJECT 4: WIC Press Release

  1. Microcuvette Survey:  It's time to order Microcuvettes.  Please follow the instructions below to assure your agency receives your supply of microcuvettes.
    Microcuvette Survey: The Microcuvette Survey will allow us to accurately order supplies of microcuvettes for each Local WIC Provider on a timely basis.  Please complete and return the attached survey via e-mail to Barbara.Myers@health.mo.gov by February 11, 2008.  This will assure no interruption in the supply of microcuvettes.

    Microcuvette Order:  The information from the survey will be used to identify the current supply on hand at each agency and to estimate the needs of each agency for the next six months.  The order will be submitted to HemoCue and shipped directly to your agency.

    Local WIC Provider Confirmation:  When you receive the order, please verify the number of microcuvettes received with the number listed on the packing slip.  If the number of microcuvettes in the package is the same as the packing slip, sign and date the packing slip.  Please fax the packing slip to Barbara Myers at the State WIC Office within one (1) week of receiving the shipment.  The fax number is 573-526-1470.  Confirmation on the packing slip is required in order for the State WIC Office to pay for the microcuvettes.  If the number of microcuvettes received is different from the packing slip, please call Barbara Myers at 1-800-392-8209.  Thank you for your cooperation. 
  2. Link to Crystal Reports - WIC:  A link has been added on the WIC web site to access Crystal Reports.  To access the link, go to the WIC homepage, click on Local WIC Provider Home, then click on Data and Statistical Reports.  Once you open the link to Crystal Reports, follow the attached instructions for accessing the reports.
    If you have questions, contact Melissa Seaver at melissa.seaver@health.mo.gov or 573-751-6489 or 800-392-8209.
  3. Caseload Amendments - Response Requested:  Many local agencies are experiencing significant increases in WIC participation above their current caseload contract.  We are currently reviewing caseload and participation for all agencies.  If your agency would like a contract amendment, please contact your TA team now and let them know you want an amendment.  Please tell them the increase in caseload that you want, e.g., xyz agency wants a contract increase of x# per month.  We will process amendments in February.  We will continue to monitor caseloads and issue amendments throughout the rest of the year.
  4. WIC Press Release:  The annual WIC press release will be sent to the media February 4, 2008.  You can find the current release on the website or in the attachment below.  Every year when the press release comes out local media contact local WIC providers for their input.  Please be prepared to take this opportunity to build your relationships with the local media and to share local data you think the media will be interested in.

    If you have questions, contact Glenn Studebaker at glenn.studebaker@health.mo.gov or 800-392-8209 or 573-751-6198.

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