January 14, 2008 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: University of Alabama Pediatric Nutrition Satellite Sites Needed
SUBJECT 2: Crystal Reports on the Web
SUBJECT 3: Breastfeeding Coordinator Training

  1. University of Alabama Pediatric Nutrition Satellite Conference Sites Needed:  Sites are needed by February 10th to host a viewing site for the 2008 Annual Pediatric Update from the University of Alabama at Birmingham on June 4th from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  WIC and Nutrition Services is sponsoring this educational opportunity: "Assessment, Treatment and Environmental Factors that Impact Childhood Obesity". This training is usually held at health offices with satellite capabilities throughout the state by site coordinators. The site coordinators will need to be present throughout the training.  The day before, they will need to pre-tune their satellite receiver and verify its proper operation.  The site coordinator will need to locate the broadcast at least 45 minutes before the scheduled beginning, so problems can be resolved.  They will also need to make sure attendees are signed in, provided handouts, and available to answer questions.

    Registered dietitians, nutritionists, WIC agencies, and other health care professionals will attend to strengthen their focus on assessment and treatment of child and adolescent obesity.  Additionally, the training will provide sessions on medical and environmental factors that have an impact on children and weight.  Individual registration pamphlets will be available in the spring. 

    Please see the attached site registration form for details or contact Michele Bailey at (573) 751-6481 or Michele.Bailey@health.mo.gov with questions.

  2. Crystal Reports on the Web:  All WIC reports on the web have now been updated and should be working properly.  The date of the last update has been added to the description line in all reports.  This should help everyone identify if a report has been updated/modified and when it occurred.
    For technical assistance:
    1. Questions about how to use the reports for clinic management should be directed to your district TA teams.
    2. Questions about printing the reports, errors on the reports such as incorrect participant data, or problems exporting the reports, should be directed to Melissa Seaver at 1-800-392-8209 or melissa.seaver@health.mo.gov.  Thank you for your patience during this time.
  3. Breastfeeding Coordinator Training:  A Breastfeeding Coordinator training is scheduled for April 29 and 30, 2008 in Jefferson City.  The two-day session will cover the role of the Breastfeeding Coordinator, basic breastfeeding information, 3-Step Counseling, and guidelines for loaning breast pumps, including information on assembly, use and cleaning.

    Training Dates: April 29 & 30, 2008
    Time: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (first day) and 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. (second day)
    Location: Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, 930 Wildwood, Jefferson City

    The training is mandatory for all new Breastfeeding Coordinators, unless they have attended the BFPC Regional training "Loving Support Through Peer Counseling".  Any other staff members who would like additional information on breastfeeding are welcome to attend.  Email or fax the attached registration form to the State WIC office by March 31, 2008.

    If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Mertzlufft by email at Kathy.Mertzlufft@health.mo.gov or by phone at 573-526-4792.

Training Site-University of Alabama