February 4, 2008 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: HANDS Screens - Income Change
SUBJECT 2: Technical Assistance Contact for HemoCue

  1. HANDS Screens - Income Changes:  Since the income assessment is done at the beginning of the certification process, the income fields will be moved from the H401/H402/H421/H422 screens to the H201/H202 screens.  Please watch the WIC updates during the next two months for detailed instructions along with a specific date for implementation.  Attached is a "draft" screen shot of what the H202 screen will look like.  For questions, please contact Melissa Seaver at melissa.seaver@health.mo.gov or 800-392-8209 or 573-751-6489.
  2. Technical Assistance Contact for HemoCue:  We have had some inquiries from local WIC providers on whom to contact at HemoCue for technical assistance on questions and problems with the HemoCue analyzer.  We have contacted HemoCue who has provided the following telephone number: 1-800-426-7256.  Amanda, Victor, Josie and Vincent are available for your technical assistance questions.  These staff can answer questions on issues such as power cord problems and general problems with the analyzers or make the appropriate connections to someone who can address a more complicated problem. If you have difficulty-contacting HemoCue, please contact Linda Clutter at Linda.Clutter@health.mo.gov.

HANDS-Income Changes
Technical Assistance Contact for HemoCue