November 19, 2007 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Name the New WIC Data System Contest
SUBJECT 2: WIC 24 Clarification

  1. Name the New WIC Data System Contest:  For purposes of efficiency in applying for USDA funding for a new WIC data system, we used the name Missouri WIC Information Network System (MOWINS).  This was not intended to be the final name for the new system.  The New WIC Data System Steering Committee is looking for input and suggestions on what the new WIC data system should be called.  Please send your suggested names to Mark Davis ( or Larry Rutledge ( for consideration by the committee.  The contest will run from November 19 to December 14.  Names can be submitted by individuals or by agencies.  Get the creative juices flowing and send in your great names for the new system.
  2. WIC 24 Clarification from the November 13, 2007 WIC Update (Subject 5):  WIC 24s for the 2007 Contract year ONLY are due November 30, 2007: The WIC Program will be finalizing the 2007 WIC grant earlier than in previous years due to the shorter closeout period allowed by USDA.  The absolute deadline for processing the payment of the 2007 WIC-24 Monthly Administrative Cost Report Invoices will be close-of-business Friday, November 30, 2007.  It is critically important that all 2007 invoices are received by that date; any 2007 invoices received after November 30, 2007 will not be paid.  The WIC 24s for 2008 Contract will continue to be due 10 days after the close of the month for which reimbursement is requested.  If you have any questions regarding the deadline or processing requirements please contact Jim Schindler, at the state WIC office.