May 7, 2007 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1:  WIC Conference Registration
SUBJECT 2:  WIC Caseload Update for FFY07
SUBJECT 3:  Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Plan

  1. WIC Conference Registration:  To ensure registrations are received and efficiently handled, please make checks payable to the Missouri WIC Association and mail to Jan Glaze, P.O. Box 583, Hillsboro, MO  63050.  Please note P.O. Box number change.
  2. WIC Caseload Update for FFY07:  We have received the April 2007 caseload figures. Caseload was 133,725 participants served.  April 2007's total caseload was 2.15% ahead of April 2006.  FY2007's total YTD caseload is 9,511 ahead of the same time period of the record setting FFY 2004.  Thank you for your dedicated efforts to reach out to potential WIC participants and provide needed services.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Lyn Konstant at or Jim Schindler at
  3. Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Plan:  Attached is the draft Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Plan, ER# 3.00500.  Please review this draft and submit your recommendations for changes to Reba Brown at  This plan was developed from experiences we have had during the last few years with snow/ice storms, tornadoes and power outages.  We have had some LWP input already and have included their thoughts in this plan.  Please provide your comments to Reba by June 1, 2007.

Missouri WIC Program Monthly Caseloads FFY2006 & FFY2007YTD
Disaster Preparedness Plan LWPs 4-19-07