March 5, 2007 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: District Meetings with the WIC Director
SUBJECT 2: 2007 WIC Conference
SUBJECT 3: WIC Proof of Eligibility Form (WIC 30) Clarification
SUBJECT 4: Reminder - Formula Changes
SUBJECT 5: Peanut Butter Availability at Wal-Mart
SUBJECT 6: Microcuvette Surveys and Microcuvette Confirmations
SUBJECT 7: Congressional Visits

  1. District Meetings with the WIC Director: Lyn Konstant, WIC Director, will be hosting meetings in each of the six districts and St. Joseph this spring. These were very successful last year and a wonderful opportunity for Lyn to visit with agencies and talk with staff directly. Local agency administrators, WIC coordinators and any other WIC staff are invited to meet with Lyn. Attached is an agenda, meeting dates and times. You may attend a meeting in any location. Attendance is not mandatory. Please let Lyn know if you plan to attend a meeting; it helps us to plan for room arrangements and materials. Questions/issues can be sent to Lyn ahead of time by calling her at 573-751-6086 or by email at
  2. 2007 WIC Conference: The WIC program and the Missouri WIC Association are working together to offer a 2007 WIC conference scheduled for August 28-31, 2007 at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City. We have allocated each agency funding for their staff to attend the conference. As has been done in the past, these allocations are based on the size of the agency's contracted monthly caseload, as follows:
    Caseload # of Attendees Total Funds
    < 500 2 $1,081
    501 - 1000 3 $1,651
    1001 - 2000 4 $1,996
    2001 - 3000 5 $2,732
    > 3000 6 $3,077

    Funding includes: registration fee ($200), mileage (1 car for up to every three attendees), meals (budgeted at $145 per each person for the conference) and lodging (2 people to a room, 3 nights maximum, up to $75 per night per room) during the conference. Extra costs for additional days or additional staff, or other additional costs beyond those noted will be the responsibility of the local WIC provider. Payment can be requested for these (if you budgeted for them) in the Conference and Training Line Item.

    We are working on the contract amendments to add these funds to your 2007 WIC contract. The projected date for sending the amendments is March 30, 2007. As soon as registration information is available, we will include it in the weekly Update.

    If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Davis at 573-751-6204 #5 and ask for Kathleen Davis or

  3. WIC Proof of Eligibility Form (WIC 30) Clarification: The following information clarifies continuing questions from LWP regarding the longest certification period. Local WIC providers will determine the longest certification period based on all WIC eligible participants listed under the family/economic column of the WIC 30. The longest certification period will represent a valid assessment period for all the members of the economic unit unless the participant with the longest certification period has been terminated (e.g. prenatal participant delivering her baby), a new member is added who is not listed under the family/economic list, or the participant volunteers that the economic unit income has changed.

    Attached is the WIC 30 Reference Table. Please contact the technical assistance (TA) staff assigned for your county if you have further questions. Thank you for being patient while we work on answers to questions regarding the WIC 30 as they arise.
  1. Reminder - Formula Changes: As notified through the Weekly WIC Update on January 29, 2007, the following changes will be implemented in the HANDS system on March 5, 2007:
          - Food packages for Enfamil with Iron and Enfamil LIPIL Low Iron will no longer be available.
         - The new name of Similac Lactose Free formula will be "Similac Sensitive".
    Please see the notification letter posted on the website. If you have any questions, please contact Takako Tagami at

  2. Peanut Butter Availability at Wal-Mart: Many LWPs have contacted us regarding the availability of peanut butter at the Wal-Mart stores. The State WIC office received information from Wal-Mart headquarters on February 28. Wal-Mart stated that they have exhausted their supply of peanut butter. It will be one to four weeks before the Wal-Mart stores have peanut butter back in stock. They are working at a fast pace to make this happen. We will keep you posted as we hear any additional information from Wal-Mart. Please inform your participants of this information. As you know the Great Value and Peter Pan peanut butters were the recall products with the Product Code number 2111.

    Wal-Mart stores throughout Missouri may or may not be able to provide a substitution, depending upon their present stock. Please remember that we do not allow organic, crunchy, low fat, low salt/low sodium or any peanut butter mixed with jams, jellies or honey.

    Please refer to WOM policy ER# 3.05600 regarding rain checks. Participants are not allowed to accept rain checks for any of their WIC food benefits if a store is out of the food. We apologize for any confusion we may have caused regarding providing rain checks to our participants.

    If you have questions, please call your technical assistance contact.
  3. Microcuvette Surveys and Microcuvette Confirmations: Please note a change in directing your Microcuvette surveys and confirmations that were posted to the February 26, 2007 WIC Update. Effective immediately, please email your surveys to Jeannie Phelps at The deadline to respond is March 9, 2007. Also, the confirmation of your microcuvettes received should be faxed to the attention of Jeannie Phelps at 573-526-1470. If there are any discrepancies between the number received and the packing slip, please call Jeannie at 573-751-6195. Thank you for your cooperation.
  4. Congressional Visits: This week Phyllis Fuller and Lyn Konstant from the State WIC Office and Jim Wheaton and Brenda Brewer from the Missouri WIC Association will be attending the National WIC Association (NWA) Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. In addition to hearing presentations from federal partners and discussing the NWA legislative agenda, we will be visiting members of the Missouri Congressional Delegation. We prepared Congressional District specific fact sheets about the Missouri WIC Program and the impact of the President's FFY08 budget. For each district we provided data on the number of participants served in FFY06, the number of local WIC providers in the District, funds paid to local WIC agencies and WIC vendors in addition to a chart of food funds, local and state agency funds for the years 2001-2006. These are attached for your reference.

    This would be an ideal time for any local WIC agencies to follow-up with their Congressperson and Senators to put a local face on the WIC program. Feel free to use the information sheets we prepared. If you need additional information, please contact Lyn Konstant at

District Meetings with the WIC Director Agenda 2007
WIC 30 Reference Table
2007 WIC Program Description for Congressional visits
2007 WIC Program Description for District 1
2007 WIC Program Description for District 2
2007 WIC Program Description for District 3
2007 WIC Program Description for District 4
2007 WIC Program Description for District 5
2007 WIC Program Description for District 6
2007 WIC Program Description for District 7
2007 WIC Program Description for District 8
2007 WIC Program Description for District 9
2001-2006 Grant Analysis Graph