June 11, 2007 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: VENA Nutrition Committee Meeting Minutes
SUBJECT 2: New Nutrition Education Handouts

  1. VENA Nutrition Committee Minutes: Attached are minutes from the May 22 VENA Nutrition Committee. If you have comments or questions, contact Phyllis Fuller at Phyllis.Fuller@health.mo.gov.
  2. New Nutrition Education Handouts: The following items are from USDA's "Nibbles For Health - Nutrition Newsletters for Parents of Young Children". Please feel free to use them as needed. The printed handouts and Spanish version should be available in July 2007. If you have any suggestions and questions, please contact Takako Tagami at Takako.Tagami@health.mo.gov.

VENA Nutrition Committee Minutes 5-22-07
Fats in Foods: How Much For Kids? (#994)
The ABC's of Hand Washing (#995)
Family Meals - Fast, Healthful (#996)
Why Snacks? (#997)
Supplements - Do Kids Need Them? (#998)
Why Breakfast? (#999)