December 10, 2007 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: New State Breastfeeding Coordinator
SUBJECT 2: Upcoming Holiday- December 24, 2007
SUBJECT 3: NEW WIC Promotional Poster
SUBJECT 4: Program for Dietetic Interns
SUBJECT 5: Size Change - Nursette Products - Mead Johnson Nutritionals (MJN)
SUBJECT 6: Revised WIC Supply Request Form (WIC-8)
SUBJECT 7: WIC Food Package Interim Rule

  1. New State Breastfeeding Coordinator: We are pleased to announce that Shanna Morgan has accepted the position as the Missouri State Breastfeeding Coordinator. Shanna is a Registered Nurse that comes to us from Capital Regional Medical Center and has experience in maternal child health as a childbirth and breastfeeding educator. She is in the process of pursuing her certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. As in the past, Shanna’s office will be located in the Bureau of Genetics and Healthy Childhood, but she will continue to work with WIC and Nutrition Services in the areas of breastfeeding and the Peer Counseling Program. Shanna will be attending the US Breastfeeding Conference on Coalitions meeting, scheduled for January 26 -28, 2008, in Arlington, Virginia. Please join us in welcoming Shanna when she begins her new position on December 17, 2007.
  2. Upcoming Holiday- December 24, 2007: In the December 3, 2007 WIC Updates there was an article stating that the state WIC office would be open as usual on Christmas Eve. After this was posted, the Governor signed an executive order closing state offices on Christmas Eve. Therefore the state WIC office will be closed on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007.
    If you have questions, contact Mark Davis at or 573-526-5323 or 800-392-8209
  3. NEW WIC Promotional Poster: New “Missouri WIC Works” poster is available on-line (, toward bottom of the page) in 12 languages and pre-printed from the warehouse in English for your use to promote the WIC program. The full sized poster (11”x17”) can be individualized for your agency by adding a 2” x 4” mailing label (this is a common size) with personalized information. Just affix the label over the statement “Please contact your local WIC provider for more information or 1-800-TEL-LINK”. We recommend using large colorful letters with a sans serif font on the label to make your information more readable from a distance. After individualizing the poster, take the opportunity to make contacts with local partners such as Family Support Division offices, WIC Vendors and doctors’ offices to build your local referral network and ask them to put up the poster at their establishments. If you have questions about these recommendations contact Glenn Studebaker at or 573-751-6198 or 800-392-8209.
  4. Program for Dietetic Interns: The Program for Dietetic Interns (PDI) web page has been updated at Please visit it for the latest information. When applying to the program, don't forget to use the "New" Application form and Dietetic Internship Recommendation form, which is required. These forms are available at our website. If you have any questions, please contact Vicki Strickland at 800-392-8209 or
  5. Size Change Nursette Products - Mead Johnson Nutritionals (MJN): This is to notify local WIC providers that MJN is changing the size of nursette products from a 3-oz bottle to a 2-oz plastic bottle. The attached table is a list of the current 3 oz products and their respective 2 oz. replacements and the schedule of availability. If your agency receives a request for MJN’s nursette product, please contact the State WIC office at 1-800-392-8209 to arrange a direct shipment. If you have any questions on this change, please contact Takako Tagami at
  6. Revised WIC Supply Request Form (WIC-8): A new resource material: laminated Language Identification Flashcard (11” x 21”) is available at the DHSS warehouse. Please order the card as needed using the updated WIC 8 form. If you have any suggestions and/or questions, please contact please contact Takako Tagami at
  7. The WIC Food Package Interim Rule: The WIC Food Package Interim Rule was published December 6. The information has been posted on the FNS/WIC Web Site. Please see the following link: The deadline for implementation is August 5, 2009. The State WIC office will begin making plans for including the new food package rules in our Missouri WIC Approved Food List. The plans will include getting input from the local WIC providers. If LWPs would like to participate on the committee to develop the new food package, please contact Phyllis Fuller at

MJN Chart for 3 to 2 oz Nursette 12-06-07
WIC-8 Supply Request Form 12-5-07
USDA News Release - Interim Food Package - WIC