August 27, 2007 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Dented Cans of Formula

  1. Dented Cans of Formula:  Do you know what should be done with dented cans of WIC formula?  Please review these guidelines with all WIC staff.
    1. Participants should be educated not to purchase dented cans of formula from the store or to use the formula if they later realize the can is dented.
    2. Formula may arrive in dented cans when your agency receives a direct shipment of a special formula.  The shipment should be inspected at the time of delivery.

      Open the box and inspect each can.  Dented cans should not be accepted.  Contact the manufacturer for replacement. 
    3. If the shipment of formula was signed for and the can damage was not noticed until later, call the manufacturer’s customer service department.  Inform them of the damaged cans.  They will instruct you on the procedure for replacement.  In most cases, the manufacturer will send a recall slip to the LWP to pay for return shipping.  IN SUMMARY: WIC does not issue dented cans of formula or pay for dented cans.  Contact the manufacturer to replace dented cans.  If state assistance is needed, call 1.800.392.8209.