April 2, 2007 WIC Update

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SUBJECT 1: Sudden Infant Death Conference
SUBJECT 2: VENA Training Funds
SUBJECT 3: Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Screening
SUBJECT 4: WIC Supply Request Form (WIC-8) and WIC Nutrition Education Resource Request Form (WIC-7)
SUBJECT 5: Missouri WIC Conference-“Locals and State: Partnered for Success”

  1. Sudden Infant Death Conference: The Department of Health and Senior Services and SIDS Resources, Inc. are hosting a conference "Sudden Infant Death: The crucial role of providers in reducing risks" on May 2, 2007 at the Truman Hotel in Jefferson City. The conference will focus on the role of providers in reducing SIDS, the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations and safe sleep environment. The brochure includes the program agenda and registration information. For more information on the conference, please contact Karen Schenk at Karen.Schenk@health.mo.gov or by calling 573-751-6429.
  2. VENA Training Funds: There are LWPs who have not spent funds specifically allocated for VENA training. These funds should have been used for the VENA training that you attended in October or November of 2006, any VENA training that you did in your local agency and also the March Program Updates Training. We hope these funds will be spent by July 1, 2007. If you cannot spend these funds by that date, please inform your district team (nutritionist or health representative). If you need additional funds for the VENA trainings in your agency, please inform your district team about this as well. Funds that some agencies cannot use will be shifted to agencies that need additional funds for VENA training. Other questions regarding use of these funds can be directed to Phyllis Fuller at Phyllis.Fuller@health.mo.gov.
  3. Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Screening: The following is in response to questions raised about using the toe or heel when doing a hemoglobin/hematocrit screening for an infant. Please adhere to the following when doing a hemoglobin/hematocrit screening for infants:

    - No toe sticks.
    - Heel sticks are acceptable until the infant walks.
    - Once the infant begins to walk, a finger stick is required.
    - Only finger sticks for children (once they begin walking) and adults

    The State Lab as well as a laboratory at a doctors’ clinic in Jefferson City were contacted. The recommendation is that sticking an infant's toe is not recommended for fear of doing damage to the toe. A heel stick is appropriate until the infant can walk and then a heel stick is no longer recommended. If you have any questions, please contact you district nutritionist.
  4. WIC Supply Request Form (WIC-8) and WIC Nutrition Education Resource Request Form (WIC-7): The State office has revised the Supply Request Form (WIC-8) and developed a new form titled: "WIC Nutrition Education Resource Request" Form (WIC-7). The WIC-8 form is designed to be used for requesting WIC forms, charts, and WIC general resources (e.g., WIC Approved Food Lists, WIC ID Folders). The WIC-7 form is for requesting nutrition education resource materials available at the DHSS warehouse. Please share the attached WIC-7 and WIC-8 forms with your staff. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Takako Tagami at Takako.Tagami@health.mo.gov.
  5. Missouri WIC Conference-“Locals and State: Partnered for Success” The Missouri WIC Association and the State WIC Program invite you to attend the 2007 WIC Conference-“Locals and State: Partnered for Success” on August 28-31, 2007 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City. Registration and tentative conference schedule are attached. Registrations received before August 1 will be $200. Hotel reservations can be made by calling the Capitol Plaza Hotel at 1-800-338-8088. Reservations must be received by July 15 to guarantee the meeting rate of $70.00 single/double occupancy. Contract amendments are being prepared to include funding for local agency staff to attend the conference as described in the March 5 weekly update.

    More information will be included in forthcoming weekly updates. Feel free to contact Jim Wheaton, MWA President, at 816-404-9745 or Tana Lovan, MWA Vice-President, at 417-864-1082 with any questions regarding the 2007 Conference.

Sudden Infant Death Brochure 03-07
WIC-7 Nutrition Education Material Request EN-SP To WIC UPDATE PF 04-01-07
WIC-8 Supply Request Forms & Growth Charts
2007 WIC Conference Draft Schedule
2007 Conference Registartion Form