May 9, 2006 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: WIC Training Schedule for July through December 2006
SUBJECT: Smoking Cessation Education to Staff
SUBJECT: WIC 30 Revision

  1. Attached is the training calendar for July 2006 through December 2006 and the training registration form. Please contact the trainer listed on the schedule for any questions concerning a particular training. Track Training will be presented on-site at each district office one time during 2006. The on-site training will then be presented by Video Conference to the other locations from that district site.

    Following are the dates for the on-site trainings:
    July 11 & 12 - on-site at Northwest; V/C to Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, Eastern, Central
    September 6 & 7 - on-site at Eastern; V/C to Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Central
    October 3 & 4 - on-site at Northeast; V/C to Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, Eastern, Central
    August, November and December - on-site at Central; V/C to Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, and Eastern district offices.

    If you have questions about the on-site trainings or general questions, contact D'Anne Ward at 800-392-8209 or
  2. There will be eight smoking cessation trainings throughout Missouri targeting health care providers who work with women of reproductive age. As many individuals with whom you work interact with women of reproductive age, we wanted to get the attached informational flyer and registration form to you. This training is available at NO CHARGE. Each site is limited to 50 participants. This is not a WIC training. Registration form is attached and can be e-mail to: or fax to Katharine Ball at 573-884-4544.
  3. The State WIC Office would like to thank all LWPs who responded to the questionnaire regarding the
    WIC-30. Results of the questionnaire are as follows:
    • Ninety-four percent (94%) would like to see the revised WIC 30 as one page (front only).
    • Fifty-eight percent (58%) would like the instructions on a reference sheet and not on the form.
    • Seventy-two percent (72%) would like the revised WIC 30 to be used for continuous certification such as the WIC 1 & 2.

      Attached are the “Draft” WIC 30 and Reference Sheet. Please review and provide comments/suggestions by May 23 to Linda Rost by email at

      Training Registration Form March 06