March 1, 2006 Special WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Surge Protector/Backup Battery Units
SUBJECT: 2006 Client Services Enhancement Project Application Notification

  1. The State WIC office will send surge protector/backup battery units to all local WIC Providers within the next couple of weeks. You will receive one surge protector for every WIC computer you have. These units will protect computer equipment from electrical sags and surges, which can damage the equipment and shorten its life. The backup battery will run the equipment for approximately 30 minutes in case of power outage.

    If you feel comfortable in doing so, you may install the surge protectors/backup battery units yourself or you may call the ITSD (formerly OIS) Help Desk at 1-800-347-0887 for assistance. Please read the instructions inside the unit's box. This is the shortened version that will help you properly install the unit: Remove back cover of surge protector backup battery unit (see the instructions inside the box if you want to see the diagram). Pull battery from the surge protector housing. Insert cable into battery terminal. Note: small sparks may occur during battery connection. This is normal. Replace the battery and put the cover back on. Plug in surge protector/backup battery unit to charge battery. Charge for 16 hours to fully charge the battery prior to use. When ready to install the unit, ensure your computer equipment is turned off. Plug your computer and monitor into the surge protector/backup battery unit. If you have a printer that is connected directly to the computer, plug it into the "Surge Protection" side of the unit. Everything else should go in the "Battery Backup Plus Surge Protection" side of the unit. You will see the labels "Surge Protection" and "Battery Backup Plus Surge Protection" on the top of the unit. Connect the USB cable to the unit. (It's in a separate bag inside the box. You will not need to use the cables in the bag that has the instructions.) The end that looks like a telephone cord goes into the surge protector- in the "Data Port" (the bottom of the three ports at the back of the surge protector); the other end goes into any free USB port you have on your computer. Plug the surge protector/backup battery unit into a wall electrical outlet, not a surge protector or power strip. Press the power button on the surge protector/backup battery unit. The green light should come on. If the red Building Wiring Fault indicator (located on the end near the power cord) is lit, your building wiring presents a shock hazard that should be corrected by a qualified electrician. Turn on your computer, monitor and printer, if applicable. After the computer boots up and you log onto the network, place the CD-ROM into your CD drive. It should automatically load after a few seconds. Click "Next" every time it comes up, you don't need to change anything. You don't need to register the software and check "No" on the last screen. Leave the surge protector/backup battery unit on; there is no need to ever turn it off. After the software is installed, you will see an icon that looks like a parachute on the right side of the task bar (lower right corner) of your screen. By clicking on it, you can learn information about the status of the surge protector/backup battery unit. If you want more information regarding the surge protector/backup battery unit or to request additional units, contact Mark Davis at or 1-800-392-8209. If you have questions on how to set up the surge protector/backup battery unit once you receive them, contact the ITSD (formerly OIS) Help Desk at 1-800-347-0887 for assistance.

  2. 2006 Client Services Enhancement Application Notification is delayed. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the project funding request, we will be unable to notify applicants about the status of their application today. We will be reviewing the requests during the next few days and may be contacting some agencies for clarification on their plans. The number and variety of awards required more review and research than had been planned. Award notification will take place next week. Thank you again for your excellent efforts in completing 2006 WIC Client Services Enhancement Project applications. We will publish the list of funded agencies in the following week's Monday email. If you have questions, please contact