June 12, 2006 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Agenda for District Meetings with the WIC Director
SUBJECT: Invalid Medical Data Report Corrections
SUBJECT: June 15, 2006 WIC State Office Staff Availability

  1. Agenda for Meetings with the WIC Director: As promised, attached is the agenda for the upcoming meetings with the WIC Director. Local WIC agency admini strators and/or WIC coordinators are invited to attend one of these meetings. The agenda includes the dates, locations and times for the meetings. The first meeting is scheduled for June 22 in Jefferson City. Please remember to let Lyn know if you plan to attend. These meetings are not mandatory. If you have any questions or need directions to the meeting location, please contact Lyn at 573-751-6086 or email Lyn.Konstant@health.mo.gov.
  2. Invalid Medical Data Report - Please do not send copies of the invalid medical data report to the state office unless the information is outside the parameters (0's or 9's), or if the data cannot be obtained (8's).
    If the data cannot be obtained (8's), then a reason why it cannot be obtained must be given (e.g., foster care, unknown or other reasons).

    If you have questions, contact Jan Lupkey at 800-554-2544 or by e-mail at Jan.Lupkey@health.mo.gov
  3. State WIC nutritionists who normally approve formula that require state approval will be out of the office on Thursday, June 15, 2006. On this date, the LWP Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian (RD) has permission to approve the form ula for 1 month only; in cases where the LWP does not have a nutritionist or RD on staff, the CPA may then approve the formula for 1 month only. They should follow up with a phone call (1-800-392-8209) or email message to Michele Bailey at michele.bailey@health.mo.gov by Friday, June 16th.

    For direct shipping of formula, please contact the state WIC office on Friday, June 16, 2006.