January 17 - 20, 2006 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Farmers' Market Nutrition Program and Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Update
SUBJECT: WIC Office to get Automated Phone System
SUBJECT: Upcoming HANDS System Change for "Unknown" Race and/or Ethnicity
SUBJECT: Upcoming HANDS System Change "Number of Days WIC Food Instrument is Valid to be Redeemed"
SUBJECT: Corrections to WIC Coordinator's Listing
SUBJECT: Change in HANDS Trainings
SUBJECT: WIC Forms and Brochures on the DHSS Website
SUBJECT: Birth Defects Prevention Brochures

  1. Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) and Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) Update: As many of you know, Missouri will not have the FMNP and SFMNP this year. USDA requires that states provide match in order to receive funding for the farmers’ market nutrition programs. The state funds for the FMNP match and SFMNP administration were not included in the signed State Fiscal Year 2006 budget for the Department. This left Missouri with no funding to match the federal grant dollars; this meant we would be out of compliance with the USDA grant requirements. Without funds coming from another source, e.g., locally provided funds or other non-federal grants, the state would have to discontinue the program. Several efforts were made to obtain funding from other sources. While some funding was available, it was not adequate in amount to cover the match requirement. We did not apply for federal funding for FMNP and SFMNP for fiscal year 2006 as match funds were not available. If you have any questions, please contact Lyn Konstant Lyn.Konstant@health.mo.gov.
  2. WIC Office to get Automated Phone System: The State WIC office in Jefferson City will be implementing a new automated phone system in the near future. Callers will hear a short menu and select an appropriate option. The purpose of the system is to get the caller routed quickly to the appropriate staff person who can answer their question. As part of the new system, staff will have voice mail so the caller can leave a detailed message if they desire. Attached is the menu for the phone system. As soon as the exact implementation date is known, we will notify local WIC providers. If you have any questions, please contact Vicki Franklin Vicki.Franklin@health.mo.gov.
  3. A change will be made in HANDS so that when an agency is attempting to print food instruments for a participant who has an "unknown" race and/or ethnicity in the common area, the agency will be able to correct the unknown on the screen and print food instruments immediately. This change will be made to the H651/H652/H653/H654 food instrument print screens. Currently, the agency must call the WIC HANDS Help Desk to have this change made.

    The projected date for this change in HANDS is February 2006. Instructions and the actual implementation date will be sent in a Monday e-mail one week before the change is put into HANDS.

    If you have any questions about this upcoming change, please e-mail Melissa Seaver at Melissa.Seaver@health.mo.gov
  1. In order to comply with USDA requirements for all State WIC Programs, the number of days a WIC food instrument is valid to be redeemed will be changed from the current 36 days to a total of 30 days.
    Effective April 1, 2006, all food instruments (checks) printed through HANDS will reflect this change.

    All bi-monthly food instruments printed in March 2006 for April 2006 will show the current period of 36 days from first date to use (FDTU) through last date to use (LDTU). All food instruments printed on or after April 1, 2006 will have a total valid period of 30 days FDTU through LDTU.

    Please assure all WIC staff are aware of this upcoming change so your WIC participants can be educated accordingly. Additional reminders and important information concerning this change will follow in upcoming Monday morning e-mails.

    If you have questions, please contact Melissa Seaver at Melissa.Seaver@health.mo.gov or 1-800-392-8209.
  1. There are two corrections to the WIC Coordinator Listing sent in the Monday e-mail on Jan. 3, 2006. Nancy Treu, not Elizabeth Moss, should have been listed as the WIC Coordinator for Livingston County and the e-mail address of Amy Callico, Family Care Health Centers, was not included in the listing. Her e-mail address is callia@lpha.dhss.mo.gov. If you have other corrections or have questions, please contact Mark Davis at 1-800-392-8209 or e-mail Mark.Davis@health.mo.gov.
  2. Due to an increase in the number of local WIC providers who are implementing direct entry, a change will be made to the required HANDS training. This is not a new or additional training. It will be integrated into the current three-day HANDS training.

    HANDS training is required for anyone who keys data and/or prints food instruments (refer to ER# 3.01500). HANDS training will still be required, however, the time spent in HANDS may be shortened depending upon the job duties. Mainframe access given to a WIC employee will also be dependant upon job duties.

    Following is how it will be determined:
    If an employee's duties will be to only key data, then WIC Mainframe Access will be granted to key only data and attendance at the first full day of a HANDS training will be required.
    If an employee's duties will be to key data and print food instruments, then WIC Mainframe Access will be granted to key data and print food instruments and attendance at the full 3-day HANDS training will be required.

    If an employee attends the keying only portion of HANDS training and later needs access to print food instruments, they will be required to attend the printing portion of a HANDS training, which will be 2 days.

    There are 10 spaces (total) available for each HANDS training. Registration for HANDS training is first come, first serve.

    This change will take effect with the April 12-14, 2006 HANDS class.

    The pre-keying packets implemented with the January 2006 training will remain as a part of the HANDS training for everyone attending.

    If there are any questions about HANDS trainings, please contact Melissa Seaver at 800-392-8209 or e-mail at Melissa.Seaver@health.mo.gov.
  1. Forms and resource materials are posted on the DHSS websites.

    Items currently available on the web or will soon be available are:
    - Translated WIC approved food list in the following languages Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Farsi, Russian,
    Somali, Vietnamese;
    - WIC Local WIC Provider Supply Request Form (WIC 8)
    - Direct Entry Form - Rights and Responsibilities - English (WIC-10-EN)
    - Direct Entry Form - Right and Responsibilities - Spanish (WIC-10-SP)
    - Translated Rights and Responsibilities (Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Farsi, Russian, Somali, Vietnamese)
    - WIC Approved Food List - Spanish (WIC 641)
    - Foods To Grow On - Birth To 12 months (#638)
    - Diet Intake And Nutrition Information For Children 1-6 Years Of Age -Spanish - WIC-18-SP
    - Diet Intake For Females (11+Years) - Spanish - (WIC-16-SP)

    If you have any questions, please contact Takako Tagami at 1-800-392-8209 or e-mail Takako.Tagami@health.mo.gov.
  1. The LWPs will be sent a packet containing Birth Defects Prevention brochures during the week of January 17, 2006. As you know through the Friday Facts (December 30, 2005), January is Missouri Birth Defects Prevention Month. The purpose is to increase awareness about birth defects, the nation’s leading cause of infant death and childhood disability. According to the Missouri Birth Defects Registry, about 5.9 percent of all babies born in Missouri have one or more birth defects. While many birth defects cannot be predicted or prevented, neural tube defects, which affect the brain and spinal cord, often can be prevented with folic acid, a B Vitamin. When taken before pregnancy and in the early weeks of pregnancy, folic acid can prevent 50 to 70 percent of neural tube defects, the most common being spina bifida. Additional information about birth defects awareness and folic acid education can be found on the DHSS web site. For additional information, please contact Leslie Seifert in the Section of Healthy Families and Youth, Division of Community and Public Health at 751-6266 or Leslie.Seifert@health.mo.gov.