February 21 - 24, 2006 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Updated Formula Issuance Report For Infants - HWIIS010-01
SUBJECT: Clarification of New Training Format for Track Training
SUBJECT: Upcoming Nutrition Changes in Missouri WIC
SUBJECT: HANDS System Change - Reminder

  1. This is to notify you that local WIC providers will not receive the monthly HWIIS010-01 Formula Issuance Report For Infants because it is being updated. The updated report is designed to provide helpful information. The report will be generated quarterly and sent to local WIC providers. If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please e-mail Takako Tagami at TakakoTagami@health.mo.gov.
  2. Track 1: Required for all staff but specifically directed toward the clerical and HPA position. Clerical staff
    will also be trained as HPA. One day only.
    Track 2: WIC Certifier, CPA and Nutritionist.
    Track 3: CPA and Nutritionist.

    Each trainee will be provided with blue folders containing all necessary information for them to be able to complete the exercises, prior to scheduled training, for the tracks they will be attending. These exercises have been designed to help prepare them for Track Training by giving them some "hands-on" experience including observation of anthropometric demonstrations at the LWP office. Training material will be sent 3 weeks before the scheduled training date.

    The trainee is required to complete the exercises in each of the WIC Tracks they are attending. If the exercises are not completed before attending the video conference session, the trainee will be rescheduled for the next month's training. If you have questions please contact D'Anne Ward at 1 800 392 8209 or by email at danne.ward@health.mo.gov
  3. There will be changes in the Missouri WIC program as a result of Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA).
    - Several changes will be made to the nutrition assessment process, which will include changes in HANDS.
    - The diet risk factors will be changing due to Revision 8 Risk Factors.
    - A new Nutrition Assessment form will be added to HANDS and also allow for automatic risk factor assignment of some of the diet risk factors.
    - The current 2-digit nutrition risk codes will be changed to a 3-digit code to align with USDA's nutrition risk factor codes.
    - HANDS will be enhanced to automatically calculate gestation-adjusted age.
    - Nutrition Education Codes will be simplified to fewer codes.
    - Training to LWPs addressing VENA.
    Current plans are to implement these changes in stages. We anticipate these changes will begin during this FFY 2006, and continue throughout FFY 2007 & FFY 2008 . For more information regarding these changes, contact Vicki Strickland at 800-392-8209 or vicki.strickland@health.mo.gov.
  4. A change is being made in HANDS that will affect the number of days that a participant has to redeem their food instruments. Beginning April 1, 2006 for all food instruments printed, there will be 30 days between the first date to use (FDTU) and last date to use (LDTU). This change is being made on all the FI print screens (H651, H652, H653, H654).

    Please note that this will affect any check printed in April that is being used to replace a March or April check that was originally printed in March.

    Currently, there are 36 days between the (FDTU) and (LDTU).
    All bi-monthly food instruments printed in March 2006 for April 2006 will have 36 days between the FDTU and LDTU.

    Please assure all WIC staff are aware of this upcoming change so your WIC participants can be educated appropriately.

    If you have any questions about this system change, please contact Melissa Seaver at melissa.seaver@health.mo.gov.