February 14 - 17, 2006 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Food Package Changes: ProSobee, Pregestimil, and Specialty Milk
SUBJECT: University of Alabama Pediatric Nutrition Satellite Training
SUBJECT: State WIC Staff Pictorial Directory

  1. Please see the attached regarding food package changes that will be taking place. If you have any questions, please contact Takako Tagami at 1-800-392-8209 or e-mail Takako.Tagami@health.mo.gov.
  2. University of Alabama Pediatric Nutrition Satellite Training - The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, WICNS, Nutrition Training Institute is sponsoring this educational opportunity on Wednesday, June 7th from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.: When Nutritional and Activity Changes Are Not Enough: Weight Loss Surgery in Teens. This satellite training will be held at health offices throughout the state. Registered dietitians, nutritionists, WIC agencies, and other health care professionals will strengthen their knowledge of bariatric or weight loss surgery in children. This teleconference will address interventions to possibly prevent the need for surgery, review the criteria for surgery, and examine the nutritional and psychological concerns before and after surgery. This is an annual pediatric update conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. They will arrange for all continuing education for Dietitians and Nurses. Please see the attached site registration form for details or contact Michele Bailey at 800-392-8209 or Michele.Bailey@health.mo.gov with questions.
  3. The State WIC office has developed a pictorial directory of its staff. Each staff person in the State office is pictured with their title and a brief description of their area of responsibility. Since we do not always have the opportunity to meet each other face to face, we hope this will help you put a name to a face when you call our office. If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Davis at kathleen.davis@health.mo.gov.