August 28, 2006 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: WIC Updates Move to the Web:  Requires Action (Attachment)
SUBJECT: Approved 2007 LWP Contract Scope Of Work (Attachments)

  1. WIC Updates Move to the Web:  The WIC program sends a WIC Update email weekly to all local WIC providers. Beginning the week of September 6, 2006, the weekly update will be posted to the WIC web page.  A notice of the topics posted each week will be placed in the Friday Facts along with the link to the WIC web page.  All previous WIC Updates will be available on the web page.  Readers will be able to conduct keyword searches; results will be in chronological order with the most recent information on the topic appearing first.  This change will reduce the amount of email being sent to local agencies, allow pertinent WIC information to be more widely available, and eliminate firewall issues that the program frequently experiences. 

    Please have an authorized person in your agency email or fax (573-526-1470) back the attached form doc to Linda Rost to acknowledge that you understand the WIC Updates will no longer be sent by email on Monday, but will be available on the WIC web page on by Tuesday at 10:00 am (or by Wednesday at 10:00 am if there is a Monday holiday) and by the link to the Web that will be included in the weekly Friday Facts.  If you have questions contact Carol Steinman at
  1. Approved 2007 LWP Contract Scope Of Work:  Please find attached the final copy of the 2007 local WIC provider contract scope of work with the changes highlighted.  There has been one substantive change made since the first draft was sent, was added that requires a qualified nutritionist to provide nutrition education and counseling to high risk participants. Your agency will receive a hard copy of the 2007 contract via US Postal Servicel later this week or early next week.  The hard copy 2007 Contract scope of work will not have the changes highlighted.  The highlighted copy of Exhibit 1 for Breastfeeding Peer Counseling is also attached for your reference.

    Please return the signed contract sheet to: Department of Health & Senior Services, WIC Program, Attn: Kathleen Davis, P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570. If you have questions, please contact Kathleen Davis at or 573-526-2821.

WIC FFY 2007 SOW Final.doc