August 17, 2006 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: New Participation Reports

  1. Infants and Children on Medicaid and Not on WIC
  2. Top Termination Reasons for Children and Infants
  3. Prenatal WIC and Medicaid Participation

    Three new reports have been created to give you a better understanding of how many WIC- eligible women, infants and children never go on WIC or leave WIC before they are categorically ineligible. The Medicaid data has been created along jurisdictional lines not by agency. The Termination data is provided by LWP. The first report is a Word document that has a page for each county that looks at infants and children on Medicaid and WIC and those that are on Medicaid and not WIC. You should look at your county's data and compare it to the state (last page of the report). Overall for the state, 56.8% of Infants and Children participants under 5 are on Medicaid but are not on WIC, so there is the potential to significantly increase caseload. The second report is a Word document for your agency that looks at the top two reasons for Infant and Children participants to be terminated from the WIC program: "Failure to Recertify" and "Failure to Pick-up Checks". Both of these reasons are generated by the system. They are also reasons that you can have an effect on, by taking extra steps to encourage participants to stay on the program, or by coding the specific reasons for terminations and not relying on the system to terminate participants. You may also want to compare your agency to the state (last page of the report). The third report is an Excel spreadsheet that contains details of prenatal women who are on Medicaid and WIC, those on Medicaid and not WIC and those on WIC and not Medicaid. All of the reports are in alphabetical order so it will be easy to find your agency's or county's data. If you have questions, contact Mark Davis at or Glenn Studebaker at or 1-800-392-8209.Mark A. Davis, M.A.

Medicaid and WIC Details.xls
Medicaid and WIC