April 10, 2006 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Updated Local WIC Provider Supply Request Form - WIC 8
SUBJECT: Policy ER# 3.02000 Income Exclusion Revised

  1. The new forms and brochures are available in the DHSS warehouse. Please begin using the attached Local WIC Provider Supply Request Form (WIC-8).

    New Items:
    - Diet Intake - Female- Spanish version (WIC-16-SP)
    - Diet Intake - Children - Spanish version (WIC-18-SP)
    - Leading The Way To Better Health - 5 A Day (# 598)
    - Eat More Fruits and Vegetables (# 600)
    - 5 A Day - Your Guide To the Health Benefits of Colorful Fruits & Vegetables (# 601)

    Neither the Missouri WIC Income Guidelines (WIC 909) nor Exit Counseling Brochure (#712) is currently available at the DHSS warehouse. When these items become available, the State WIC office will notify you through the WIC Update Monthly e-mail. If you have any questions, please contact Takako Tagami at 1-800-392-8209 or e-mail Takako.Tagami@health.mo.gov.
  2. Have all LWP nutritionists located your mini-CD from USDA, Food and Fun for Families? The March 13, 2006 email included a notice that each LWP received this nutrition education resource. Food and Fun for Families is also available on the web at http://www.nal.usda.gov/wicworks/Food_Fun/index.html. One very special resource included in Food and Fun for Families mini-CD is the 45-page booklet, Fit WIC Activities, developed by the Vermont WIC Program. You will enjoy the simple ideas for active games you can play with children before, during or after nutrition education sessions. Many activities need no supplies at all. For some activities, you’ ll need everyday items like masking tape, balls, hula hoops, scarves, chairs, and boxes. The booklet is also available on the web at http://www .nal.usda.gov/wicworks/Sharing_Center/FIT-VT/activitiesbookletformatVT.pdf. Pair physical activity with nutrition messages by using the Mealtime Group Education Kit available at http://www.nal.usda.gov/wicworks/Food_Fun/fm8. Watch for more Fit WIC Missouri ideas in future WIC Update e-mails. Contact Rita Arni at rita.arni@health.mo.gov or Debbie Wilhoit at debbie.wilhoit@health.mo.gov for additional information.
  3. Attached is revised policy ER# 3.02000, Income Exclusion. The revisions are hi-lited. This policy is effective immediately. Please note in this policy that the Fami ly Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) payments income exclusion ends September 30, 2006 unless you hear differently from the State WIC office. Please sign and e-mail or fax the Acknowledgment that you received this policy change and that you have shared it with your staff. If questions, please contact Glenn Studebaker at glenn.studebaker@health.mo.gov or 1-800-392-8209.