September 26, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: WIC Resource Materials Binder
SUBJECT: Reminder - Revision 7 Risk Factors Go Into Effect October 1
SUBJECT: WICNS Survey Results
SUBJECT: Disaster Accommodations Tracking of Evacuees
SUBJECT: New Websites - Forms and Literature Available from Warehouse

  1. The State WIC office has developed binders containing key WIC resource materials such as forms, charts, ID folder, and brochures for local WIC providers.  The binders contain the printed resource materials that local WIC providers are to use for serving applicants and participants on a daily basis.  The binders will be shipped to local WIC providers during the week of October 3, 2005. 

    Please order the printed resource materials from the DHSS warehouse as needed.  It is important to use the printed  forms and resources available at the DHSS warehouse to best serve WIC participants. When forms are revised, the State WIC Office will notify local WIC providers through Monday E-mails requesting input on changes.

    Effective January 1, 2006, only state-developed forms will be approved for LWP use.  This is to assure that LWPs gather all required information consistently, especially with direct entry and the implementation of VENA (Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment). 
  1. Reminder:  Revision 7 Risk Factor changes (A3, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7) will go into effect Saturday, October 1, 2005.
  2. Attached are results of the survey that most LWPs completed earlier in the year
  3. Attached is the form for tracking hurricane evacuees  for the week of Sept 25 - Oct 1, 2005.  Please complete and submit to Glenn Studebaker at the end of your week.  If you have not processed any hurricane evacuees, it is not necessary to submit the form.
  4. The new websites for the WIC and Nutrition Services forms and literature available from the DHSS Warehouse are:

    [DHSS website] Forms and Literature

    The new website includes all forms and literature that was listed as Nutrition Policy and Education (NPE)'s website.