October 3, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Perry Mathes' Promotion
SUBJECT: Gentlease Infant Formula
SUBJECT: Track Training December 6 and 7 Cancellation
SUBJECT: Automatic Assigning of X5 Risk Factor
SUBJECT: Educational Resource Information - An Ounce of Prevention: Addressing Birth Defects Related to Folic Acid, Alcohol and Tobacco
SUBJECT: Disaster Tracking Form (Attachment A)

  1. Perry Mathes has been promoted to another position in the Department of Health and Senior Services.  Perry has done an excellent job as the WIC Director for Missouri for the last 18 months.  Perry is an excellent planner and has helped WICNS become more organized.  The new WIC Director and WICNS Unit Chief is Lyn Konstant.  You will be hearing and seeing more from Dr. Konstant in future meetings and mail correspondence.
  2. Gentlease LIPIL can only be issued to infants who are not able to tolerate Enfamil LIPIL with Iron.  Nutritionists, CPAs, and Registered Dietitians are authorized to issue this product.  The WIC 29 form: Documentation For Medical Needs Formula Issuance is not required.  The monthly allowance is 10 cans of the powdered 12-ounce can.  Neither Concentrate nor Ready-To-Use forms of this formula are available at this time.  When issuing Enfamil Gentlease LIPIL (10 cans per month) you must use the Food Package Code. 
  3. Due to a lack of response, the Track training scheduled for December 6 and 7,2005 has been canceled. 
  4. System Information regarding Automatic Assigning of X5 Risk Factor -  HANDS will only automatically assign risk factor X5 to the most recent birth of an infant or an addition of a child connected to a Mom's health history.  Example:  If the mom has two premature births in the system within a 23-month time period, only the youngest of the two births will have automatic risk factor assigning of X5 by the system; the first (older) of the two births will require manual risk factor assigning of X5.
  5. Local WIC Providers were sent via US Postal Service, a copy of a newly updated curriculum titled, An Ounce of Prevention: Addressing Birth Defects Related to Folic Acid, Alcohol and Tobacco.  In pilot projects conducted in schools in Missouri, the curriculum has shown positive outcomes related to behavior change and an increase in knowledge.  While the target audience is ninth and tenth graders, the content is adaptable to other age levels and teaching opportunities.  Incorporate concepts from the five lessons into your FFY06 planned group nutrition education sessions as appropriate, or plan now to include them in your FFY07 LAP.  Because this is the first time the curriculum has been released to a WIC audience, your comments will assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the curriculum.  Share comments with Rita Arni, RD, LD, Child Nutrition Team Leader, by phone at 573.751.6204 or by email at rita.arni@health.mo.gov.
  6. Attached is the form for tracking hurricane evacuees  for the week of  October 2 - October 8, 2005.  Please complete and submit to Glenn Studebaker at the end of your week.  If you have not processed any hurricane evacuees, it is not necessary to submit the form.  (Attachment A)