October 11, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Gentlease Availability
SUBJECT: Clarification - Continuing Nutrition Education Requirement for Nutritionists (non-RDs)
SUBJECT: Hurricane Evacuees Tracking

  1. The Department of Health and Senior Services, WIC and Nutrition Services (WICNS) has been in contact with Mead Johnson, the manufacturer of Gentlease LIPIL, and Wal-Mart headquarters about the availability of Enfamil Gentlease LIPIL infant formula in the 12 ounce cans.  Wal-Mart is adding this formula to all its Missouri WIC authorized stores, however it will take at least thirty (30) days for the stores to become fully stocked.  In the mean time Wal-Mart will be receiving two (2) cases of the formula at each store.  This product will not be on the shelves but the WIC participant may ask about the product at the customer service desk or pharmacy and they will be able to provide the formula.
  2. As a result of Senate Bill 1122, the State Committee of Dietitians decided to exempt, from licensing, staff who perform basic nutrition counseling/education or provide general nutrition information, but recommended that the person complete fifteen (15) hours of continuing education in nutrition yearly.  WICNS made changes to affected WOM policies to reflect the recommendation, with adjustments, and are requiring nutritionists (non-Registered Dietitians) to complete only five (5) hours of continuing nutrition education yearly.
  3. Attached is the form for tracking hurricane evacuees  for the week of  October 10 - October 15, 2005.  Please complete and submit to Glenn Studebaker at the end of your week.  If you have not processed any hurricane evacuees, it is not necessary to submit the form.