November 3, 2005 WIC Update

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Attached are the WIC 24 copies for the first three months of FFY 2006.

The FFY 2006 is unchanged from the FFY 2005 WIC-24 except for cosmetic changes. The only changes you should notice are yellow headers on the WIC24-A, WIC24-C, S.G.1 and S.G.2 BFPC grant tabs. This is to help you, and us, distinguish one year from the next, especially for now when we are processing two years at the same time. Some formulas have also been cleaned up but you should not see any impact.

Although three months' templates are attached, most agencies utilize the feature on the WIC24-A tab of changing the month number in Cell L16 to increment to the month desired, and then saving the changed form with the new month's name. In this fashion names, salary and benefit rates, and some other data carry over and do not have to be re-entered. There is danger in this but it seems to work well overall. The remaining months of FFY 2006 will be sent later, after we are sure any bugs have been identified and corrected.


Jim Schindler

James A. Schindler, M.B.A.
Management Analysis Specialist-II
WIC and Nutrition Services
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