May 31, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: America's Second Harvest - Potato Distribution Effort
SUBJECT: Smoking Cessation Information

  1. Below is information on a potato distribution effort sponsored by America's Second Harvest.  More information is available from the following web site: This information along with the following was sent to us from USDA: 
    1. Farming conditions this year made for a very strong growing season. Too many potatoes grew and farmers generously chose to donate the surplus to America's Second Harvest.
    2. At the same time, one donor offered to contribute $.50 for every click this email generates, up to $6,500. Fifty cents is what it costs to package and ship six pounds of potatoes to food banks across America. That means your click not only saves nutritious, wholesome potatoes from going to waste, but puts them in the hands of families facing hunger all across America.
  2. Information and a PowerPoint presentation about Smoking Cessation is available on the Department's web page.