May 2, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Mandatory Local Agency Plan (LAP) Training
SUBJECT: Local WIC Provider Survey
SUBJECT: National Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course
SUBJECT: Prenatal Weight Gain Chart

  1. Please read the following and reply with the attached LAP training registration form before June 15, 2005.
    The Missouri WIC Program is providing LAP Preparation Training for all Local WIC Providers.  The one-day sessions will provide attendees with updated information about using current reports and data to correctly fill out a newly revised LAP tool.  Special attention will be paid to setting appropriate goals and objectives for the next five years. 

    The training will be hands on and delivered in person to facilitate the answering of specific questions your agency may have about your particular LAP.  Our sessions in the district offices will depend on trainees from each agency sharing a laptop computer.  We currently have six available computer laptops for each of these trainings; we do not have enough for everyone.  We know that many of you have laptops available as well. If you have a laptop available to use for this training, mark this on the registration form and please bring your computer laptop with you.  Contact us if you have any questions about if your laptop will work.

    We will have sessions at each of the district health offices as well as here in Jefferson City throughout the month of July.  Space and our laptops are limited at each site, so fax or e-mail to the State WIC office as soon as possible.  Due to limited space we ask only two people from each agency attend.  We suggest you send the person primarily responsible for the budget sections and the primary person responsible for filling in the nutrition sections. 
    The following is additional information regarding the training sessions:
    Time:  9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  (One-hour lunch break)
    Central District (WIC training facility):  WIC Nutrition Training Room, 930 Wildwood, Jefferson City
    Eastern District:  220 South Jefferson, St. Louis
    Northeast District:  708 Patton, Macon
    Northwest District: 3717 Whitney Ave., Independence
    Southeast District:  2875 James Blvd., Poplar Bluff
    Southwest District:  1414 West Elfindale, Springfield
    Please register using the attached LAP Training Registration form only.  If questions, please reply to Glenn Studebaker, Technical Assistance Coordinator, at the State WIC office at (800) 392-8209 or by e-mail at 
  1. The State WIC Office is requesting information from the local WIC providers on a variety of topics.  Attached is a survey that we would like each agency to complete and return to Crystal Collins at or fax at 573-526-1470 by June 1, 2005.  Survey results will be shared with the LWPs once tallied.
  2. The University of Minnesota, School of Public Health and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, WIC and Nutrition Services Unit, Nutrition Training Institute are sponsoring an educational opportunity:
    The Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course by video stream
    August 15 - 16 from 8:30 - 5:00 p.m.

    The National Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course is a continuing education program that focuses on improving the health outcomes of pre-conceptional, pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women and their infants. The course provides an overview of factors that affect the nutritional status of women of childbearing age, a variety of cutting edge nutrition issues related to pregnancy and lactation, and characteristics of effective nutrition counseling and services. The course will be video streamed to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services at 930 Wildwood, WIC Nutrition Training Room, Jefferson City, Missouri. 14 continuing education credits are available. There will be no charge for Local WIC Providers.   All questions regarding the training should be sent to Kelly Dotterweich at (573) 751-6183 or by email at
  1. The Prenatal Weight Gain Chart (NS-11, formerly NPE-11) has been printed.  Each local WIC provider will be receiving a 3-4 month supply from the DHSS warehouse during the week of May 2, 2005.  If your agency needs additional charts, please complete the WIC Supply Request Form WIC 8 and fax it to the DHSS warehouse.  The following revisions have been made to the prenatal weight gain chart to reflect measurements more accurately:
  1. The State WIC office was just notified that in May the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) Health Promotion Unit staff will be conducting presentations on  chronic disease prevention. The workshop will assist communities with identifying and addressing priority risk factors through evidence based interventions.  The workshops are free and will be offered in six (6) locations throughout the state. A Chronic Disease Prevention Regional Workshop registration form and information about the workshops are attached.  The locations of the workshop are listed on the registration form.  Registrations are to be sent to Karen Scheulen, Health Promotion Unit, fax number 573-522-2899 or e-mail (Please note the e-mail address on the registration form is incorrect.) 

    Have a great week.
    Phyllis Fuller

Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course Registration Form.pdf
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