March 28, 2005 WIC Update (2 of 2)

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SUBJECT: E-mail from State WIC Office Week of March 28 - April 1, 2005 #2

In April 2005, Missouri WIC will complete the implementation of USDA policy WC-03-20-P.  The policy will bring WIC reporting of racial and ethnic data into compliance with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requirement that neither the race nor ethnicity can be an unknown value.

The HANDS system is being changed to block printing of FI's for any participant with one or both of those fields as unknown values.  This change will take effect in April 2005.

Most of the WIC records have already been updated and any remaining WIC participant records will be updated in the HANDS system in April 2005.  Following the update, a report will be run and e-mailed to each local WIC provider (LWP) with any participants needing final verification.  The LWP must make any necessary corrections to this report and return it to the state WIC office to assure these records are correct in the HANDS system.

E-mail: (Melissa Seaver)
or (Jan Lupkey)
Fax: (573)522-6501 to the attention of Melissa Seaver or Jan Lupkey

New DCN's assigned beginning in April 2005 will not be able to print WIC FI's if a U (unknown) is entered in either field.  Any Missouri agency (WIC LWP, Medicaid, etc.) that assigns a DCN with unknown race/ethnicity values, will affect WIC FI printing. You will see an error message on the print screen that says race/ethnicity. Examples of the H651 and H652 screen error messages are attached to this e-mail.

Call the WIC help desk to have this corrected.   If you get the help desk voice mail, leave a message with the participants DCN and correct race/ethnicity codes and it will be corrected as soon as possible.  You can check the H203 inquiry screen to see if the race code has been changed but not the ethnicity.  Or, you can simply pull up the participants DCN on the FI print screen to see if it has been corrected.