March 28, 2005 WIC Update (1 of 2)

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SUBJECT: E-Mail From State WIC Office Week of March 28, 2005 #1

  1. Attached are the Income Guidelines for April 1, 2005 - March 31, 2006.  Please begin using them on April 1.  The State WIC Office will be sending the laminated Income Guidelines to you as soon as they are printed and laminated.
  2. The Diet Intake For Infants form is being printed and will be available at the DHSS warehouse by the end of March.  If your agency needs this form, please fill out the attached WIC-8 and fax it to the DHSS warehouse at 573-751-1574.
  3. Attached are suggested changes to the 2006 LAP from the LWP LAP Task Force and the state staff.  Please review these changes and contact Glenn Studebaker if additional changes are suggested.  Glenn's email address is
  4. Reminder: April Program Updates Trainings have been canceled.  In response to your concerns to decrease the state required meetings and trainings, the April 1st, 4th & 8th Program Updates Video Conference Training has been canceled.  Some LWPs suggested the State WIC office send information via e-mail rather than requiring the LWP staff travel to the district offices for this training.  One of the reasons the State WIC office had the video conferences is to introduce the LWPs to new State staff especially the new WIC Director, Perry Mathes.  Future trainings as Program Updates will be provided by alternate means such as audio conference and e-mail for nutritionists being sent directly to Nutrition Coordinators rather than as a video conferences.   This will eliminate the need to drive to the district office for an updates meeting.  We trust this meets your request and also provides you with needed information.  We can evaluate this during 2005/2006.  If questions, please contact Rose Sipakati at 1-800-392-8909 or at
  5. Pediasure Package Change - The package of Pediasure and Pediasure Fiber has changed from a can to a reclosable plastic bottle.  Therefore, the descriptions of these items will be revised in the HANDS system on April 1, 2005 as shown below:

Pediasure with Fiber: PEDIASURE WITH FIBER 8 oz CAN/BTL

This allows participants to purchase Pediasure either in a can or in a bottle at a WIC vendor.