March 1, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT: Manual WIC Check Printing Program Updates for March 1, 2005 HANDS Changes

Attached to this message are the three text (".txt") files needed to update your installations of the Manual WIC Check Printing Program to agree with the changes implemented in HANDS today, March 1, 2005.

Also attached is a FAX-BACK form with which to acknowledge receipt of the message and attachments, and the installation of the new files.  Please complete this and fax the form to Crystal Collins at 573-526-1470.

Please upload the Update files into your pc's that are used to print Manual WIC Checks. Save the three attached text ("txt) files into the C:\WIC Check folder of each machine's hard drive. DO NOT change the name of the files. Allow the copying process to overwrite or replace any files of the same name.  Then, open the Manual WIC Check Printing Program on each machine and import the Update files into the program via the two buttons on the Administration Menu.