July 5, 2005 WIC Update

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SUBJECT:  National WIC Association (NWA) Calendars
SUBJECT:  New WIC Operations Manual (WOM)
SUBJECT:  Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Activities for FFY 2006

  1. The State WIC Office is in the process of requesting the Department of Health and Senior Services to order 2006 NWA calendars for the WIC participants.  In previous years both the wall and pocket size calendars have been purchased.  Due to a price increase in both sizes of calendars, the pocket calendars will not be ordered.  The wall size calendar appears to be educational for both adults and children whereas the pocket size calendar does not provide this same education. If the Department approves the purchase ordering of the calendar, we will ship them to you upon arrival.
  2. You will soon be receiving the WIC Operations Manual and Resource Center (v1.0) CD in the mail. This version of the WOM is quite different than previous versions.  We have added several resources, websites, training materials, and numerous other additions as well. This is being done in an effort to provide the local WIC providers and others who use the WIC Operations Manual, quick access to other WIC resources as well as the WIC policies.

    The WOM users guide has now been incorporated inside the WOM & Resource Center infobase.  This was previously distributed as a paper document. Attached to this e-mail are several items that you will need to print off and read before loading the WIC Operations Manual and Resource Center (v1.0) CD.
  1. During the week of July 5 - 8, the State WIC Office will be e-mailing the LWPs a draft of the WICNS annual goals, objectives, strategies and activities for Federal Fiscal Year 2006.  We are seeking your input.  Please review them and submit your comments to Vicki Franklin by July 15. Vicki's new email address is Vicki.Franklin@health.mo.gov.

Letter to LWP.doc
Attachment A - Instructions For Removing previous WOM Versions
Attachment B - Instructions For Installing WOM & Resource Center v1
Attachment C - WOM & Resource Center v1 Revision List